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Anti-pollution barriers are used to channel, divert, retain, or even stop all kinds of pollution, for example in cases of accidental hydrocarbon or chemical spills … All our barriers are made from an elastomer or plastomer material that is reinforced with high-strength fabric reinforcement. When used in parallel with skimmers, they can retain the layer of pollution before it is sucked up for reprocessing.

Flexible barriers are available in a range of models that have been developed to meet the specific requirements of different user sites (calm or rough seas, ports, lakes, canals, enclosed coastal areas, or rough harbours) and their potential application (temporary intervention or permanent use).

Flood barriers are also offered as part of this product range. They provide residents, industries, and communities with protection from rising river levels during flooding, but also from torrential rain. Their structure is comprised of tubes which are inflated with water, and this self-ballasted system can be rapidly deployed as it does not require any fixing to the ground.

Whether they are designed to contain flood-waters or pollution, Pronal barriers are designed to resist environmental constraints, are quickly and easily installed, and are completely waterproof.