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Flexible storage tanks are the perfect solution for storing (temporarily or permanently) and/or transporting all types of liquids, including: drinking water, hydrocarbons, chemical solutions, food products, industrial waste, or sludge. Also known as flexible bladders or flexible covers, they are made from either elastomer or plastomer, depending on their application. The tanks are reinforced with extra-strong textile reinforcement effectively making them highly tear-resistant.

Flexible storage tanks can be rapidly deployed, are easy to install, and are maintenance-free. Pronal flexible storage tanks represent an ideal and economical solution for a wide range of activities: military, agricultural, construction, energy, industry, nuclear, fire-prevention, …

Our range of tanks can also transport any type of liquid when mounted on truck flat-beds, by suspension under helicopter, by towing behind a vehicle … Some versions can be dropped from the air from a height of several tens of meters.

Our flexible tanks are used worldwide and have a multitude of potential uses and users.