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Operator safety is indispensable during on-site trenching or excavation works. These types of operations create the risks of landslides and potential burial. Article R4534-24 of the French Labour Code requires that vertical-walled trenches that are more than 1.30m deep involving any risk of collapse and burial, be shored or braced.

Smartshore® is an inflatable system developed by PRONAL for protecting excavation work and trenches. It reinforces the trench walls and guarantees a perfectly secure work environment. This new technology is an alternative to classic shoring which is cumbersome to handle and install, especially for shallow excavations.

Because the cushions only weigh 14kg, the Smartshore® system can be installed in less than 20 minutes without the need for lifting gear. The size and weight of the cushions means that this excavation protection system can be easily transported between sites, even in a light vehicle, and so is readily available for any operation.