BAPG - Inflatable pollution barriersBAPG - Inflatable pollution barriers

BAPG - Inflatable pollution barriers

Inflatable pollution barriers comprise multiple10 or 20 metres long inflatable cylindrical floats. These environmental solutions are equipped with an upright skirt, weighed down by a galvanised chain. Their simple and robust design brings them the qualities required to be easy to set up on water. They can be winded around a drum for easy storage and transportation.

These inflatable pollution booms also known as offshore floating booms are intended to combat the spread of hydrocarbon pollution by confining through trawling. They can also be used:

  • on calm water
  • on rivers and lakes
  • in ports
  • offshore



  • Traction resistant
  • Excellent behaviour in currents
  • Wide range of models


  • Identified by reflective strips


  • Handling straps
  • Reeled around a drum
  • Quick and easy cleaning

Detailed information

  • Material: Hypalon Polyurethane or Neoprene
  • Manufacturing technique: hot vulcanisation in a vacuum autoclave or high frequency welding
  • Section length: 10 metres or made to measure
  • Inflation: air
  • Temperature resistance: -30 to +70°C
  • Accessories:
    • Connection kit: ASTM, prefeeder or joining plates
    • Handling straps
    • Inflation valve
    • Markings
    • Reflective strips

Technical informations

Ref. Draught (m) Use Length (m) Contact
BAPG 150 300 Calm water 10 ART SF1 ou MonSun XII
BAPG 250 380 River 10 ART SF1 ou MonSun XII
BAPG 350 450 Harbor 10 ART SF1 ou MonSun XII
BAPG 470 700 Off shore 10 ART SF1 ou MonSun XII
BAPG 620 960 Deep sea 10 ART SF1 ou MonSun XII
BAPG 885 795 High deep sea 10 ART SF1 ou MonSun XII

You can not find your dimensions

Our design department employs the best project leaders and designers and will be pleased to develop and create a tailor-made product specially for your unique project.


Composition / Advice

Care during use
Avoid any contact with surfaces that are excessively abrasive or have cutting edges. Never walk on the product.
Maintenance advice
After use, clean the outside of the product with soapy water, rinse and dry. Never use a detergent or aggressive product.
Storage advice
Store away from light, damp and temperature variations, in its original case.

Standards / regulations

ISO 9001 - ISO 14001 - ISO 45001
1 year against all manufacturing defects


Towing kit
Drum / Reel
Blower / inflater
Floating tank
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