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Packer Cans

“Packer cans” are leg extension ferrules for offshore platforms that can house the grout seal, grout packer, mud wiper, and the diaphragm. These ferrules are equipped with seals in accordance with the customer’s specifications.

Pronal “Packer cans” are able to perform several functions:

  • preparing grouting operations,
  • allowing the use of mud wipers, which prevent mud from rising into the platform legs,
  • providing extra buoyancy for the platform during lifting and installation operations at sea
  • the execution of grouting operations which allow the pile to be solidified inside the leg, thereby securing the anchorage of the platform’s foundations.

Our teams can travel on-site to install your offshore buoyancy kits no matter where you are located!



  • Testing can be arranged
  • Complete kit / All in one


  • Pronal on-site service for installation


  • Minimizes welding operations
  • Steel grade based on the client specifications

Detailed information

  • Material: synthetic rubber
  • Technique: hot vulcanization in a vacuum autoclave
  • Dimensions: in accordance with the client specifications
  • Form: cylindrical
  • Inflation: by air, water, or nitrogen for the inflatable products
  • Temperature resistance: 0C° / +60C°
  • Max. inflation pressure: in accordance with the client specifications

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Our design department employs the best project leaders and designers and will be pleased to develop and create a tailor-made product specially for your unique project.


Composition / Advice

Storage advice
Store in its original case away from light, damp, and temperature variations.

Standards / regulations

In accordance with the conditions of the Pronal guarantee
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