Slurry pit cover

The pit covers allow to completely cover the slurry pits. Windproof, they also allow to fight against bad weather. Indeed, they allow to avoid a contribution of rainwater directly in the slurry. Thus the loading of the basin in water.

The European Directive “IED” decrees n°2013-374 and n°2013-375 requires the implementation of means of limitation of greenhouse gases, and the improvement of air quality by the reduction of olfactory nuisances. The ADEME, the chambers of agriculture and the financing organizations put forward the advantages of the covers and require on more and more projects that all the pits are equipped with cover.

Agronomic interest

This slurry pit cover also has an agronomic interest. Indeed, it avoids the dissolution of the slurry . Therefore, this will allow to reduce the volumes of contributions and the storage capacities will be optimized. (Without cover, we can find an increase of 15 to 60% of manure depending on the local rainfall).

Economic interest

This will have a positive impact on the number of trips for spreading: the smaller the volume, the fewer the number of trips to and from the farm. This will reduce the number of manpower, and generate a new advantage for the pit cover:  economy. According to the ADEME, the savings can be 20 to 30% less volume.

Thanks to our engineer design office, the covers are adaptable to existing pits. According to your needs, we adapt and offer you customized pit covers. You also have the possibility of integrating trap doors for filling, emptying and stirring the slurry.

Environmental interest

The slurry pit cover is the solution to limit greenhouse gases: the different effluents present in the pit produce odors and emit gases: methane and ammonia. Then the cover will be able to limit the propagation of greenhouse gases, harmful to the environment and control the odors.



  • to gas emissions from the pit
  • to wind


  • Reduces the volume of the pit
  • Avoids loading the tank with stormwater
  • Reduces the number of trips for spreading
  • Simple installation


Limits greenhouse gas emissions
Limits odors

Detailed information

  • Type: Pit cover
  • Usage: Existing or new pit cover
  • Material: PVC
  • Holding/ Strength: Central holding post/ Wind and snow resistance
  • Fabrication: High frequency welding
  • Installation time: Between 2 and 3 days depending on the size of the pit
  • Dimensions: Custom made according to your needs

You can not find your dimensions

Our design department employs the best project leaders and designers and will be pleased to develop and create a tailor-made product specially for your unique project.


Composition / Advice

Consult our technical teams

Standards / regulations

especially wind resistance and snow loads


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