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3 reasons to use the water storage flexible tank for your irrigation system

On 29 May 2018
Pronal Water flexible tank Pronal Water flexible tank
Looking to improve your irrigation system? Our client speaks about the use of the Pronal water storage tank for him 130 ha agricultural exploitation

We're reviewing his irrigation system this summer?

We will not have said it too much, there is a global warming that strongly disrupts the climate.In some parts of the world, access to water is a real problem during summer.And it's not going to get better...
Drinking water, irrigation or even livestock water for the animals is an important subject during dry period. Some farmers, maybe like you, have to review or complete their irrigation installations to guarantee the crop growth to ensure handling their fruits and vegetables. Fortunately Pronal thought of you :) !

3 reasons to use the Pronal's water storage flexible tank

Pronal offers complete/integral storage sets composed of opened or closed flexible tanks, transportation tanks, pumping systems, connections hoses systems for the treatment of the water and its distribution. Which brings us to our first reason: it is a turnkey solution. We bring you the best products from our expert partners to offer you a tailor-made solution with a short delivery time.
Second reason: her quickly installation! Our flexible tank is foldable and mobile. You can use for a . You can use it for long-term and short-term storage and store your product for future use.
Third reason: the economy it will bring you! The cost of the product, the transport and the installation will bring you up to 70% savings compared to a rigid solution. When you are told that Pronal sounds like phenomal ;)

The fourst reason (little bonus) because our water storage tank has been use by Pedro, in Portugal, near our new plant, to complete the irrigation system of its 130 ha farm. He is allowed to speak :

Customer review Pronal flexible tank

"It’s the first time we’re using a flexible tank in farm. Over the years, our agricultural holding has grown and extended in areas without water accesses (network, sea or river.) In our field, we have a spring with a limited pressure and an irregular flow. For example, now, there is no water in the spring. So, before the summer, we place our flexible tank and we fill it in 2 or 3 times according to the spring flow. Then, we have a sufficient quantity and pressure to irrigate on an ongoing basis


As it’s a flexible tank, we can place it wherever we want. We care for the environment and this water storage solution works without engine or pump.

This concept is really innovative and offers us interesting solutions for the future. Fore sure, we will need other tanks. Our financial position remains excellent and provides us with considerable flexibility to ensure our future development. The installation was easy and quick and somebody helped us on the spot. We just had a doubt concerning the access to the field because of our steep road. Finally, as the tank was folded it was easy to bring it to the filed with a simple wheelbarrow.

All went very well, from the order to the installation and now, we are already preparing an extension for our network!"

Still not convinced? I leave you the task of testing our salespeople:
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