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A ship is held afloat with our lifting units

On 25 October 2016
A ship is held afloat with our lifting unitsA ship is held afloat with our lifting units
Application of our lifting units to hold afloat a ship


The dismantling of marker vessel “Emile Allard” in the port of Dunkirk was carried out by the RB Diag Company. Due to Budget constraints it was preferable to dismantle the vessel while afloat as opposed to a dry dock.

He vessel hull, built in 1949, was badly damaged. It was therefore necessary to secure it for the tow to the decommissioning dock.

Despite a number of repairs and reinforcement to t he hull, the vessel remained very unstable and it was not possible to tow it. This made it necessary to deploy the floatation pontoons to make the vessel towable.


Pronal lifting units are used for raising submerged loads during refloating operations. Made to mesure, our lifting units bring efficient solutions to several markets requirements (offshore, nuclear,...)


"After assessing the situation and determining the condition of the vessel, we concluded that the vessel was in a very bad condition.

Initially we reinforced several sections of the vessel “E. Allard”, owned by Phares et Balises from Northern France. Despite our efforts, the vessel remained very unstable.

Due to limited Budget, we were looking for ways to dismantle the vessel without having to use a dry dock. The best solution was to dismantle the vessel while afloat in the water. In order to do that, we needed the special pontoons to keep the vessel afloat.

We contacted Pronal for assistance and deployed 18 RDF lifting units with a capacity of 10000 liters and 4 RDF lifting units with a capacity of 32000 liters.

We placed the lifting units all around the hull which enabled us to tow the vessel to the dock. Without these repaidly deployable lifting units, the probability of an accident was considerable.

Thanks to to close cooperation between Pronal and DB Diagnostics, we were able to file a patent for this method of dismantling a vessel while afloat. The lifting units by Pronal made it possible to finish our Project quickly and safely. We highly recommend this solution whenever it is necessary to keep heavy loads afloat.

Bernard Richetin / RB Diag - la Seyne-sur-Mer


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