Composite manufacturing


PRONAL designs and manufactures composite components for clients operating in all sectors. From sub-contracting through to the development of specific products, including the analysis of alternative solutions, Pronal can provide support and has the capability to adapt to your requirements.

Technologies deployed

Pronal can work with pre-impregnated materials, can undertake curing in a kiln or an autoclave, contact moulding, simultaneous projection and infusion operations, but can also produce structural assemblies and undertake digitally-controlled machining operations in collaboration with partners.

Production facilities 

Pronal has 10,000 m² of workshops and laboratories on its site at Leers, equipped with two autoclaves with useful lengths ranging from 6m to 16.5 m, a maximum pressure of 8 bar and a maximum temperature of 200°C. A LECTRA cutting system is available for the perforation and cutting of pre-impregnated fabrics, while 4 kilns of useful volume ranging from 0.04m3 to 20m3 with temperatures of 60°C - 200°C and a temperature-controlled OMIA SECOMAT paint booth complete the dedicated facilities for the production of composite materials.





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Standard or customized range's design of seal, lifting bag, tank, stopper and compensator

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