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He recommends PRONAL compensators

On 06 October 2016
He recommends PRONAL compensatorsHe recommends PRONAL compensatorsHe recommends PRONAL compensators
Compensator bladders by Pronal for the protection of hydraulic systems and fluids

Why should the volume variations be compensated in hydraulic tanks ?

The fluid in a hydraulic circuit must be protected from external contamination. The same principle of volumen compensation applies to other fluids as well, such as water.

What we propose to you

Developed by Pronal, the inflatable bladder acts as volume compensator that separates two fluids in order to :

  • Prevent contamincation or oxidation for fluids (water, oil)
  • Compensate variations in oil volumen

Interview :

Application of the Pronal compensator :

" We are extremely satisfied with your compensator bladders. I am planning to use them for additional applications ! "
Application in a French nuclear power plant / report by a chief design engineer

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