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The Roubaix "artists' garage sale": 7th & 8th December 2013.

Under this concept, over 150 international artists and designers are shut away for a 24-hour period. They all work with recycled materials and objects, then sell their pieces at prices ranging from 1 to 300 euros.

The "artists' garage sale" represents the meeting point of trends for eco-design, re-design and the customization of objects of all types.

End-of-life objects assume a new function and a new look, and find new owners.

Under the terms of ISO 14001, Pronal has participated in this event, supplying both raw materials and finished products. Anouchka Potdevin has reworked the stopper into a comfortable armchair. Congratulations to the artist


Pollutec 2014 exhibition is now over, it generated a lot of enquiries for PRONAL hoping to turn into business

As usual, PRONAL as an exhibitor took the opportunity to introduce the concept "PRONAL 360"

Please come & visit our site www.pronal360.com, PRONAL at glance

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Energy sector

Standard or customized range's design of seal, lifting bag, tank, stopper and compensator

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