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Pronal at Pollutec ; 4 days to discover our products dedicated to the environment

On 29 October 2018
Pronal at Pollutec ; 4 days to discover our products dedicated to the environmentPronal at Pollutec ; 4 days to discover our products dedicated to the environment
To 27 from 30 November, Pronal will be present at Pollutec 2018, to get the chance to share with you our passion for the flexible products. In this article, we will see together, why you must be present at this event !


Steve Jobs once declared “innovation is a situation we chose because we have a burning passion for something”. Sure you guess:our passion is flexible products. And we will be delighted to show you during the 4 days of Pollutec how they are at the environment’s service. What about discovering back on our booth all the possibilities our flexible products can offer you for all your projects?

But what is Pollutec ?

This fair aims at exhibiting innovative environmental products since 1978. In this exhibition unique where you will discover novelties in the field of network management, waste treatment, water resources management and many others ! A little bonus this year : Pollutec’s 40th anniversary, let’s celebrate !

Pollutec exhibits every 2 years at Lyons Europexpo France. This year, you can come from 27th to 30th November, from 9am to 6.30 pm (5.30 pm on Friday). But why should you visit Pollutec this year ?

Their inescapable conferences

It can never be said often enough, attending conferences is a good opportunity to expand your professional network, find a new source of inspiration but also gain new knowledge. And for this, Pollutec is not left out! Over hundred conferences will be held during those 4 days, dealing with subjects from agriculture, SRB, constructions, to logistics, industries and so many more…

Please find below our advice of 3 conferences/forums so as to take the maximum benefit of those 4 days :

1 - Conference « Not sluggish excavated lands, innovative solutions » on 27th November from 1.10 to 1.55 pm – Forum Ville Durable (“Sustainable City Forum”)

«Exploring innovative solutions enabling sustainability of excavated.»

2 - Conference « ISO 45001 : explanations of this new Safety and Health standard » on 28th November from 11.20 am to 12.00 :

«ISO 45001 was published on March 2018, relates to Safety and Health management. It aims at replacing current OHSAS 18001 standards.»

3 - Conference « Water in 2030 : which outlook ? » on 29th November for 2.00 to 2.30pm – Village de l’eau (“Water village”)

«A survey, under the aegis of the French Water Network, coordinated by PIPAME (Ministry of Economy), showing the main outlook for the water field by 2030.»

Preview  of new technologies for environment and Energy

Over 200 innovations for environment and energy are gathered this year for the Earth of tomorrow! 73,000 professionals are dispatched in 14 departments in Pollutec, among which : water resources management, sites and grounds, recycling and re-use of materials, air quality… Are you convinced ?


Pronal flexible solutions at your disposal!

Let’s visiting our booth H6G19! After 2 years, we come back strongly for exhibition with Smartshore, our excavation protection kit but also with our lifting cushions, our flexible storage tanks and, our brand new stopper range: OPL/OPLT! We will welcome you as usual in a good mood and with a little coffee. Furthermore, a small surprise waits for you on our booth. So don’t miss it and come on, come all !

Please do not wait any longer, book your free ticket online and avoid paying your badge at the entrance (50 €).

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