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Marine booms

In the interests of environmental protection, Pronal has developed a range of marine booms for the retention of any accidental pollution in case of a loss. This system falls within the scope of risk prevention measures.

Our marine booms allow the control of all types of hydrocarbon and macro-waste pollution. They can be used offshore, in open coastal waters, in estuaries, rivers or port zones.

The boom may be constructed of polyester coated with neoprene/hypalon, polyurethane or PVC, materials with a high resistance to atmospheric agents (UV, high humidity, adverse weather, etc.).

This system offers numerous benefits, in terms of both installation and operation. Installation is straightforward, with a rapid water-filling facility (1 - 2 m/s). Booms are simple to operate – depending upon the model concerned, self-floating capability is delivered by inflatable cylindrical floats or foam floats.

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