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Flexible structures can be used as stoppers, for the execution of plugging, isolation, testing, protection or control operations.

Applications include pipes, lines, ducts or any other structure in the industrial, off-shore, gas, nuclear or safety sectors.

One of the key qualities of these operations is the flexibility of products. Once pressurized, our stoppers can easily adapt to the profile of the contact surfaces concerned, can plug leaks rapidly and with complete safety, are easily deployed thanks to their light weight, and have a very limited footprint.

Pronal has already produced stopper systems for structures of up to 3 metres in diameter.

Stopper OFRE

Stopper OFR.

Stopper ORJ

Stopper ORJ.

Stopper OPAP

Stopper OPAP.

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Energy sector

Standard or customized range's design of seal, lifting bag, tank, stopper and compensator

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