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Standard jacks

Generally filled with air, or with another fluid (water, oil or glycol), depending upon the application concerned, PRONAL inflatable jacks are pneumatic components which can be used for the delivery of mechanical functions including thrusting, compression, guiding, clamping, immobilization, damping, lifting, moving, etc.. Easily incorporated into mechanisms, they can be used in presses, moulding machines, conveyors, handling robots and lifting tables.

The range of inflatable jacks is manufactured from a synthetic rubber-coated high-strength fabric, which is perfectly adapted to the industrial environment.

PRONAL inflatable jacks offer numerous advantages over conventional jacks, including their limited thickness when deflated, a small footprint, uniform distribution of thrust and ease of adaptation to various types of surface. Easy to use and quick to install, they can handle substantial loads of up to several tens of tonnes. In addition, they require no maintenance.

Inflatable jacks are compliant with the European Machines Directive 89/392/EC.

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