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Storage operations can be undertaken on the interior of flexible structures, such as flexible tanks, gasometers or other products designed to contain fluids.

This storage capability can be used for the execution of procurement, supply, protection, recovery, testing or transport functions in sectors as diverse as Defense, Aeronautics, Industry, the Environment or Civil Protection.

The constituent materials of our flexible structures are selected to ensure perfect compatibility with their contents, thereby guaranteeing a long service life, with storage capacities of up to 500,000 litres.

These solutions offer numerous benefits, including e.g. the storage of liquid of gas with no air contact, thereby preventing contamination by the external environment (UV radiation or pollution), flexible material construction resulting in a small footprint after folding-down and ensuring ease of transport, and low weight, permitting straightforward and rapid deployment.

Truck on plate

Truck on plate

Flexible tank

Flexible tank

Heli-transportable tank

Heli-transportable tank.

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Standard or customized range's design of seal, lifting bag, tank, stopper and compensator

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