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On 13 November 2019 They tell you all about emergency water points & fire standards.

   Solutions to ensure the human protection in case of fire   In case of a fire, regulation seek to protect human. 3 principal axes are pointed to ensure this protection: • Evacuate people ...

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On 13 November 2019 Use some OPAP to do some pipes obstruction and fight the pollution of extinguishment water.

Need and constraints   In industry after a fire accident a major pollution could start. The extinguishment water take away everything with it (chemical products / metal…) and will pour out in ...

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On 12 November 2019 Société du Canal de Provence orders our cofferdams for it channels renovation

  Needs and constraints  Société du Canal de Provence (SCP) is in charge of water development of Provence Alpes Côte d'Azur. As an official subcontractor of this area, SCP untertakes public ...

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On 03 October 2019 Setting up of a inflatable plugging system to carry out a reheater hydraulic test

EDF contact Pronal to install and activate a inflatable pipe plugs set-up to carry out a reheater hydraulic test.

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