Choosing the right inflatable stopper

Choosing the right inflatable stopper

Why using inflatable pipe plug?

An inflatable pipe plug is used for the maintenance of drink water – sanitation piping. Among this range, we find OPL, OPAP, OHP…an more others.

Pipe stopper is under pressure product in which security rules must be followed. In order to be efficient in a good and safe condition.
How well choosing a pipe plug?

Plusieurs tailles d'obturateurs gonflables Pronal

How well choosing your inflatable stopper?

  1. Determine the exact inside diameter of your piping. >The diameter will determine the size of the pipe plug to use.
  2. Check piping material, wet or dry piping? You need to calculate the water column that will push the vessel. (10m water column = 1 Bar for all piping). Once you know the material in contact with the pipe plug and the water column you can calculate the pressure back. This step is very important in order to choose the right pipe plug, it will maintain the stopper in the right condition during use.
  3. Define the temperature and type of liquid in contact with the inflatable stopper. In specific cases: chemical product, high temperature, special material would be recommended.
  4. Check the congestion you have to be sure that the pipe plug will pass correctly in piping. If you have a specific congestion dimension, please let us know we can help you to define the right pipe plug.

How well using an inflatable pipe plug?

Few advices before using pipe plug :

  1. Check that inflatable stopper has no default (cracks …).
  2. Check the inflating accessories such as pressure gauge, hoses…
  3. Clean the piping before using due to dirt, it could damage the pipe plug.
  4. Never work in front of the pipe plug under pressure
  5. Be careful that the extremities of pneumatic stopper are always inside the pipe.
  6. Never inflate the pipe plug outside the piping
  7. Check and clean (with water) the pipe plug before and after each use
  8. Store the pipe plug in a place without UV contact, humidity or where there is a high-temperature variation.
Utilisation d'un obturateur gonflable dans une canalisation

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