Serving mechanical engineering industries

Pronal has developed innovative industrial solutions for diverse sectors of activity and for a wide range of different applications.

For starters, we design flexible pneumatic jacks which are used as actuators in a range of different industrial applications such as pressing, pushing, guiding, tightening, or sealing. Available as standard or tailor-made models, they can be perfectly adapted to the overall dimensions of the project and the conditions of use. These pneumatic actuators can be integrated into diverse types of mechanical assemblies. The unique design of our inflatable cushions means we are also active in operations involving the lifting of machines, blocks of stone, and vehicles.

Next up, we produce hydraulic compensators which have the job of absorbing the variation in the oil volume caused by heating and which isolate the oil from external contaminations (humidity, dust …). They can also be installed in your surge-control tanks. These hydraulic systems are manufactured in standard or tailor-made versions.

And finally, our pneumatic grippers help glass-makers and bottlers with their palletizing and de-palletizing operations. The shapes and volumes of the bottles to be handled dictates the different ranges of grippers.

More than 100 000 clients have placed their trust in us and our products.

Example of applications

Integrating pneumatic components in mechanical systems
Lifting heavy loads or vehicles
Protecting hydraulic circuits from external aggressions
Palletising or de-palletising bottles
Applying pressure to lift, press, push, guide, tighten...
Ensuring air and water-tightness

Featured products

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