Pronal products for every stage of your oil and gas supply chain

Pronal’s acknowledged expertise means that we can propose solutions for every stage of your oil and gas supply chain. We are active in both Upstream and Downstream applications (see the Fuel domain page).

We are initially involved through our offer of flexible solutions for assisting the buoyancy and anchoring of offshore platforms at sea. As an example, these systems can be supplied for sealing and supporting the concrete column during cementing operations on a fixed platform.

We also design flexible products for underwater maintenance operations. This includes inflatable stoppers which are employed for welding and salvage operations. Furthermore, Pronal provides systems for lifting and bracing underwater pipes while also supplying inflatable seals for the EHTF (Electrically Heat Traced Flowline) project with Subsea 7.

Pronal staff is available to supervise the installation and commissioning of our products both Onshore and Offshore. Our specialized HUET and BOSIET-certified team are ready to provide you with any assistance that you may require, anywhere in the world. What’s more, Pronal is also a part of the French Windustry network, a network of companies that are equipped to provide services to the offshore wind energy sector.

Example of applications

Buoyancy assistance for your installation
Equipment facilitating the concreting and fixation of platform anchors at sea
Underwater welding operations
Repair work on damaged casing
Underwater stoppers and structures for dismantling and salvage operations
Underwater storage

Featured products

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