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Serving mechanical engineering industries

Pronal has developed innovative industrial solutions for diverse sectors of activity and for a wide range of different applications.

For starters, we design flexible pneumatic jacks which are used as actuators in a range of different industrial applications such as pressing, pushing, guiding, tightening, or sealing. Available as standard or tailor-made models, they can be perfectly adapted to the overall dimensions of the project and the conditions of use. These pneumatic actuators can be integrated into diverse types of mechanical assemblies. The unique design of our inflatable cushions means we are also active in operations involving the lifting of machines, blocks of stone, and vehicles.

Next up, we produce hydraulic compensators which have the job of absorbing the variation in the oil volume caused by heating and which isolate the oil from external contaminations (humidity, dust …). They can also be installed in your surge-control tanks. These hydraulic systems are manufactured in standard or tailor-made versions.

And finally, our pneumatic grippers help glass-makers and bottlers with their palletizing and de-palletizing operations. The shapes and volumes of the bottles to be handled dictates the different ranges of grippers.

More than 100 000 clients have placed their trust in us and our products.

Example of applications

Integrating pneumatic components in mechanical systems
Lifting heavy loads or vehicles
Protecting hydraulic circuits from external aggressions
Palletising or de-palletising bottles
Applying pressure to lift, press, push, guide, tighten...
Ensuring air and water-tightness

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There are two types of energy sources: non-renewable and renewable. 

Non-renewable energy sources include fossil fuels, which are residues of plant matter that are transformed into hydrocarbons (oil, natural gas, coal, etc.). At Pronal, we offer solutions adapted to nuclear energy as well as in the oil&gas sector.

However, Pronalhas decided to take a new turn. Indeed, nowadays, new energies are essential. They allow us to respond to the climate emergency by reducing greenhouse gas emissions, they also allow us to reduce pollution and thus protect our health. These new energies have many other advantages.

There are different sources of renewable energy: solar, biogas, geothermal, etc.

Pronal has decided to add its contribution and to launch itself in these new energies.

Pronal is working on two objectives: energy production and its storage. Indeed, we are working on an offshore floating solar project. In addition, we are interested in compressed gas storage in subsea and underground for hydrogen, ch4, co2.

Thanks to our research department and our knowledge of more than 60 years, we have made products to store polluting gases. Created in elastomer with a specific coating for an optimal gas tightness, the gas holder allows an independent external storage. It ensures the conditioning and mixing of these gases.


Protection & Security

To ensure the safety of operators

To ensure the safety of operators, Pronal offers flexible and innovative products. Whether it is on road sites or for maintenance at height or in trenches: we have the solutions to ensure the safety of the workers.

Inflatable gap fillers are the ideal products for maintenance work at height. They fill the gap between the vehicle and the platform. This prevents objects and people from falling.

The smartshore trench shield also makes operators safe by protecting them from falling rocks and burials when working in trenches.

The JB Qualifix can be used to create a cylindrical manhole formwork. It provides safety for workers and prevents objects from falling into the manhole.

All these solutions are inflatable, which ensures quick and easy use. Moreover, they can be easily introduced in restricted areas. Finally, when they are inflated, they will fit the outside walls and prevent any deviation.

We make custom-made solutions in order to offer products that are adaptable to each situation. This will ensure the safety of operators on any site.

Construction Industry

An all-inclusive offer for the construction industry

Pronal is a proud supplier of storage, lifting, plugging, and safety solutions to the construction industry.

Storage: we produce flexible tank solutions that are composed of different materials and which have a range of capacities. These tanks can generally by found storing water for on-site requirements, installed at base-camps as a fire-fighting measure in compliance with the DECI standards, providing fuel for vehicles,…

Lifting: we can propose inflatable cushions for your lifting operations; an alternative to standard lifting devices. These systems can be used to lift engines for maintenance operations, for centering of piping, etc …

Plugging: our range of pipe stoppers are used by public works and sanitation companies when they need to stop flows inside pipelines. They are an indispensable tool for repair operations in damaged pipelines, for remote image inspections of waste-water systems, etc,

Protection: we have developed an innovative pneumatic system designed to protect trenches: the Smartshore. The Smartshore’s lightweight, compact, and ergonomic design means that just two people are needed to secure a trench in less than 20 minutes. It is the perfect partner for teams involved in pipeline repairs.

Example of applications

Trench protection during interventions
Installatio of DECI fire protection tanks
Plugging pipes for maintenance or test operations
Lifting vehicles for maintenance operations
Fixing pipes/tubing
Storing and distributing fuel on-site

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Pronal in every stage of life of your Power Transformer

Within the transformer industry, we provide flexible rubber solutions used at different steps of the power transformer life cycle.


We’re the historical manufacturer of flexible bladders that compensate oil volume variation in your conservator. They allow to protect oil contact with the air, and thus avoid its contamination. They can be manufactured on request, with specific shape, material or equipments.
For the Winding department, we provide coil specialists with specific inflatable lifting bags. They are used between the different layers of the winding to adjust spacers height or positioning.


Also, we provide your industry with flexible tanks to store dielectric oil during commissioning & maintenance operations on power transformer.
They allow to store oil directly on site, without truck or iron tanks to bring. They can be easily transported & handled without any specific tool.

Example of applications

Winding adjusting and maintenance
Oil dielectric storage
Oil protection and compensation in conservator
Detection of system failure in conservator
Regeneration of dielectric oil

Civil and military aeronautics

Pronal has been a specialist player in the aeronautical and airport infrastructure markets for more than 50 years.

This is the reason that we are able to offer our aircraft lifting systems, composed of inflatable cushions, that are specifically designed for airports and airlines. These flexible systems are the perfect solution for lifting aircraft which have been accidentally immobilized. They can also be used for lifting operations that may be required for aircraft maintenance. These cushions are capable of lifting loads weighing up to 60 tons.

Pronal also produces on-board or additional elastomer tanks in conjunction with these systems. These materials have been certified in accordance with the MIL and TSO standards. They have been designed to resolve the specific difficulties of fuel re-provisioning.

We are also able to supply complete refueling systems. These fuel distribution systems are composed of motor-driven pump units (which provide pumping and filtration) that can also be connected to our flexible tanks. When deployed on the ground, these systems can be used to rapidly refuel aircraft and helicopters.

All of these solutions are temporary and can be easily installed and operated in an emergency situation.

Example of applications

Lifting aircraft for maintenance or recovery operations
Refueling by onboard tanks in accordance with the MIL and TSO standards
Providing additional tanks in accordance with the MIL and TSO standards
Water, antifreeze, or hydrocarbon storage in flexible tanks for re-provisioning

Pronal products for every stage of your oil and gas supply chain

Pronal’s acknowledged expertise means that we can propose solutions for every stage of your oil and gas supply chain. We are active in both Upstream and Downstream applications (see the Fuel domain page).

We are initially involved through our offer of flexible solutions for assisting the buoyancy and anchoring of offshore platforms at sea. As an example, these systems can be supplied for sealing and supporting the concrete column during cementing operations on a fixed platform.

We also design flexible products for underwater maintenance operations. This includes inflatable stoppers which are employed for welding and salvage operations. Furthermore, Pronal provides systems for lifting and bracing underwater pipes while also supplying inflatable seals for the EHTF (Electrically Heat Traced Flowline) project with Subsea 7.

Pronal staff is available to supervise the installation and commissioning of our products both Onshore and Offshore. Our specialized HUET and BOSIET-certified team are ready to provide you with any assistance that you may require, anywhere in the world. What’s more, Pronal is also a part of the French Windustry network, a network of companies that are equipped to provide services to the offshore wind energy sector.

Example of applications

Buoyancy assistance for your installation
Equipment facilitating the concreting and fixation of platform anchors at sea
Underwater welding operations
Repair work on damaged casing
Underwater stoppers and structures for dismantling and salvage operations
Underwater storage

Re-provision your projects anywhere and at any moment!

Pronal is present at every stage of the fuel supply chain and is active in the context of both civil and military projects. We are engaged Upstream, with our on-board tanks specially developed for exploration, but also Downstream, on oil platforms or advanced fuelling points used by special forces.

We are equipped to install turn-key fuel depots at isolated sites that can be specially designed for military purposes, the mining or energy industries. We are also capable of designing ultra-mobile temporary refueling solutions.

Our service team can advise you and provide support throughout the installation and commissioning processes of your project; a service that is available no matter which complete solution you choose. This is why Pronal is able to provide you with a complete range of fuel storage and distribution solutions: field depots, mobile refueling solutions, FARP systems, mobile service stations …

Example of applications

Turn-key fuel depots
Containerised solutions

Pronal working hand in hand with the armed forces

With their 50 years plus experience working in collaboration with the armed forces, Pronal has developed a range of solutions that are perfectly designed to meet the challenges of fuel and freshwater logistics.

This unequaled expertise in the field has led to the development of our range of flexible elastomer tanks. These storage solutions can be rapidly deployed and implemented on-site. They can be transported: mounted on trucks, suspended by helicopter, or towed behind vehicles. These storage systems are suitable for transportation by a wide range of methods: by land, sea, or air.

Not only does Pronal offer a complete refueling system, but it also produces water purification systems. Motor-driven pumps, water filtration systems, meters, pipes, and dispensers are available for use with the flexible tanks.

We can count more than 50 nations where our flexible tanks are currently in use. The main users of these systems include the French army’s Military Fuel Service, diverse foreign armies, and some paramilitary administrations.

Example of applications

Fuel transport by helicopter, boat, or truck
Storage of untreated or drinking water
Fuel storage in flexible tanks
Pump systems for refueling and fuel logistics
Re-provisioning of drinking water and water purification

An inseparable partnership

PRONAL has been a key player in the sector of nuclear site maintenance for several decades. Because we have always anticipated the needs of our partners, we have been able to forge a solid reputation through the development of effective, tailor-made solutions. Pronal is active at every stage of the nuclear chain.

Our initial operations are earmarked for unsupervised zones, involving the washing-out of steam generators or the implementation of our preventive stoppers. Subsequently, we can propose stopper solutions for facilitating hydraulic testing in secondary (GSS, ABP, and ACO) and primary (ESPN, RGV, THPGV, ONC …) zones. We are also active in terms of the biological protection of workers during maintenance operations on pipelines. The prevention of FME risks is also an important activity for Pronal. We are always ready to consider other potential applications, such as buoyancy assistance in pools.

Above and beyond the provision of tailor-made solutions, Pronal can also provide high-quality services thanks to their qualified intervention teams that have been assembled to help implement your products.

Our acknowledged expertise in the nuclear sector has won us a number of rewards:

  • The 2014 DPN Innovation Trophy, awarded for the design of a stopper kit that was developed for limiting downtime during hydraulic testing on the GSS (Superheater Dryer Unit).
  • And the 2019 Challenge Innovation prize which was awarded for the improved buoyancy provided during nuclear fuel loading/unloading operations. This solution comprised a frame equipped with inflatable cushions for lifting and positioning fuel racks in the cooling pond.

Example of applications

Plugging for hydraulic testing in the primary and secondary zones
Plugging for chemical cleaning
Plugging for preventing Foreign Material Exclusion risks
Fixed or mobile storage for steam generator wash-out
Steam generator wash-out
Preventative plugging in storage zones
Pneumatically lifting racks in cooling ponds

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For rapid and efficient emergency interventions implemented in complete safety.

Working in close collaboration with fire-fighting services, Pronal has developed a range of flexible solutions that are specifically designed for emergency personnel. They have been designed for use by emergency services during natural disasters, road accidents, or fire.

Our pneumatic lifting cushions are just one of the solutions that have been specifically designed for applications that are required by emergency services. These are used to extricate individuals or animals who may be blocked by a heavyweight following an accident. These inflatable cushions can lift weights of up to 89 T, depending on the specific product range (CLT, CPF, CLC…).

Our extinguishing water storage tanks can either be buried or installed above ground and provide fire-fighters with a reliable water supply on all types of site (agricultural, industrial, shopping centre …). They remain accessible to emergency services and fully comply with SDIS standards.

In order to face the potential risks of flooding, we have developed a range of flood control barriers to protect sites, residents and sensitive areas.

Example of applications

Lifting vehicles or debris
Stabilising heavy loads following accidents
Bending or pulling open sheet metal during extrication operations
Extinguishing water storage for fire-fighters

Flexible systems for the prevention of environmental risks

In the interests of environmental protection, Pronal can propose innovative solutions which have been developed with the avowed goal of risk prevention. Emergency interventions can be performed rapidly, efficiently, and safely with the use of specially designed equipment.

We are able to propose a large range of storage products (flexible tanks), stoppers (inflatable plugs), retention and pollution control devices (permanent stoppers, floating tanks for oil recovery).

PRONAL also produces pneumatic inflatable cushions which are used as rapid intervention equipment in operations to protect excavations.

We supply lifting units and underwater parachutes that are used for transporting loads on the surface and during salvage operations (at -4000 meters).

Example of applications

Rainwater, effluent, and hydrocarbon storage in flexible tanks
Pneumatic stoppers for pipes, networks, sewers
Pneumatic excavation protection
Transporting and lifting underwater loads

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Flexible systems for agricultural use

Modern agriculture is constantly changing and developing. It must be capable of permanently adapting to ensure compliance with the most recent standards, whether these refer to livestock buildings, the storage of hay, or the storage of effluents. This is why Pronal has developed a range of solutions that are designed to handle multiple agricultural applications.

The Pronal flexible tank is the perfect solution for ensuring that your farming enterprise is compliant with the standards in force . They can be used to store and transport either liquid fertilizers or agricultural and winery effluents. Flexible retention tanks have been designed to provide environmental protection in the unfortunate event of an accident. These flexible tanks can also be used to recover and store rainwater and fire prevention water.

We can offer a suitable solution from our wide range of volumes and accessories. Our flexible Pronal products have been officially recognized by the Departmental Fire and Rescue Service (SDIS).

Our lifting cushions also open a whole range of alternative applications, such as lifting or moving tractors, trucks, or other vehicles.

Example of applications

Rainwater storage tanks for irrigation
Agricultural or winery effluent storage tank
Liquid fertiliser storage tanks for fertilisation
Storage tanks for digestate following methanation
Lifting tractors by the use of lifting cushions
Aquaculture in open tanks
Water storage for drinking troughs