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Are you in the market for a high-quality lifting bag? Lifting bags are designed to facilitate the transportation of heavy loads as well as facilitate high pressure situations. Once a lifting bag is set next to a weighty load, air enters into the bag and it then begins to expand. This is extremely useful on challenging jobs, because this device has the capacity to remove the need to utilize manual equipment, which can be hard for someone with physical limitations, or someone who is worried about potential injury due to the handling of powerful machinery. Furthermore, lifting bags are a useful alternative to hand-cranked jacks. Below we will discuss various top-notch lifting bags that currently exist on the market. 

Inflatable lifting Jacks

Are you tired of working on challenging jobs and using hydraulic jacks? Inflatable jacks are a unique alternative to hydraulic jacks. Inflatable jacks utilize a special system to operate. Inflation jacks take advantage of inflation pressure to change forms, and perform specific functions such as lifting, moving, pushing, as well as blocking. In addition, system components known as pneumatics actuators enable the inflatable jacks to be customizable and change in many different shapes and dimensions so that all your jobs can be readily completed. 

Inflatable jacks can be an extremely handy addition to your working equipment as they can be used for numerous tasks. Jobs such as packaging, steel working, construction, or various forms of mechanical engineering can all be facilitated with the use of inflatable jacks. In addition, these devices are regarded as more professional than hand held manual equipment. 

Square lifting bags

Square lifting bags are another interesting member of the lifting bag family. Square lifting bags take advantage of a compressed air system. Once the square lifting bag becomes filled with substances such as water, air, or oil it can readily perform tasks such as pushing, pressing, or blocking. 

In addition, once these devices deflate they return back to their original shape making them very easy to store and maintain. These devices are excellent for short travel application. In addition, due to the unique system of this equipment it offers the outstanding feature of being low maintenance. 

Circular and Rectangular Lifting Bags

Lifting bags not only come in the shape of a square, but also in other shapes as well. There are circular as well as rectangular lifting bags. This particular model of lifting bag is designed to readily fit the dimension of your unique design system. You can easily perform tasks such as clamping, blocking, pressing, and pushing due to the flexibility of these models. Circular and rectangular lifting bags are often used as pneumatic system actuators, and are ideal for short distance applications. In addition, to being extremely handy, circular and rectangular lifting bags are ideal as they require very little supervision and maintenance.  

Inflatable annular seals

Make sure to take advantage and look into inflatable annular seals if you are working on a job that entails sealing, isolating, tightening, clamping, or pressing. Inflatable annular seals have the capacity to facilitate the movement of pressure air between to locations. The moment the inflatable annular seal system is inserted into the desired working location, the seal starts to expand and adjusts to create a robust barrier between a rising and striking area. In addition, the inflatable annular seal device utilizes a unique model, because the system is designed to return back to its original form once the device starts to deflate. 

Lifting Bags for Transformer Winding

VTR lifting bags are an especially useful piece of equipment when it becomes necessary to adjust the height of windings. VTR lifting bags are generally placed among the winding level, and the device expands at a steady pace when placed and can be removed with ease. 

Pronal is a world leader in the creation and design of high-quality lifting bags. Pronal offers top-notch items such as inflatable jacks, square lifting bags, circular/rectangular lifting bags, inflatable annular seals, and VTR lifting bags. When it comes to air lifting, components lifting or any other job task, Pronal offers the perfect item for the job and task. In addition, Pronal offers customizable products as well as flexible solutions. Pronal products are made with high-end materials. Look no further than Pronal when it comes to high quality top-notch lifting bags.

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