Pronal working hand in hand with the armed forces

With their 50 years plus experience working in collaboration with the armed forces, Pronal has developed a range of solutions that are perfectly designed to meet the challenges of fuel and freshwater logistics.

This unequaled expertise in the field has led to the development of our range of flexible elastomer tanks. These storage solutions can be rapidly deployed and implemented on-site. They can be transported: mounted on trucks, suspended by helicopter, or towed behind vehicles. These storage systems are suitable for transportation by a wide range of methods: by land, sea, or air.

Not only does Pronal offer a complete refueling system, but it also produces water purification systems. Motor-driven pumps, water filtration systems, meters, pipes, and dispensers are available for use with the flexible tanks.

We can count more than 50 nations where our flexible tanks are currently in use. The main users of these systems include the French army’s Military Fuel Service, diverse foreign armies, and some paramilitary administrations.

Example of applications

Fuel transport by helicopter, boat, or truck
Storage of untreated or drinking water
Fuel storage in flexible tanks
Pump systems for refueling and fuel logistics
Re-provisioning of drinking water and water purification
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