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Inflatable Pipe Plugs

Are you working on a construction project which requires high-quality inflatable pipe plugs? It is important to note that inflatable pipe plugs come in a multitude of shapes as well as sizes. For this reason, it is critical that you do your research and purchase proper pipe stoppers that will be perfectly suited for your unique project and needs. Not to worry, as we will outline the various inflatable pipe plugs, and pipe stoppers that are currently available for purchase on the market.


Are you working on an offshore construction project? Then you should consider utilizing diaphragms. Diaphragms are adjustable circular rubber jacks. Diaphragms are mounted or welded into the legs of offshore platforms in order to facilitate the platforms ability to float in the water. In addition, these inflatable pipe plugs help the platform maintain its center of gravity while floating at sea. 

OHP/OPV – High Pressure Stoppers

OHP/OPV – high pressure stoppers are excellent for plugging various types of pipeline. The inflatable pipe plugs are excellent for pipeline projects that utilize concrete, steel, and stainless steel, for example. In addition, these OHP/OPV – high pressure stoppers are designed to take on low pressure, medium pressure, and high pressure up to thirty-five bars. For this reason, these stoppers are perfect for projects that entail extremely high pressures such as nuclear, offshore, onshore, and gas projects.

THPGV Inflatable Stoppers

If you are working on a project located around or near a nuclear facility, than the THPGV inflatable stoppers are an excellent tool to utilize. These inflatable plug stoppers are constructed to be able to plug steam generator manholes, as well as purge these electronic devices of any strange liquids during maintenance operations. The THPGV inflatable stopper is especially handy in unique situations such as pipe freezing or rupturing where it becomes critical to plug a device quickly.

Uniplug Pipe Stoppers

Uniplug pipe stoppers are an extremely useful tool. These are low pressure pipe stoppers that are especially handy and useful on nuclear sites. Uniplug pipe stoppers are able to stop foreign objects from getting into a pipeline. In addition, uniplug pipe stoppers have been tested to meet the requirements of the foreign material exclusion standard. 

OTR – For Inspection Well Testing

OTR pipe stoppers are very useful test plugs in terms of performing examinations of wells. You should take advantage of OTR pipe stoppers, especially if you are working on a project that involves the management and handling of waste-water systems. OTR pipe stoppers are extremely simple to set up, and they allow for the easy testing of the tightness of a waste-water system. In addition, these inflatable pipe plugs are adjustable, and they are lightweight, which makes them easy to transport.

Stoppers for Oval Pipelines

Other useful test plugs include pipe stoppers for oval pipelines. These inflatable pipe plugs are especially useful for projects on oval pipelines. In terms of test plugs, oval inflatable pipe plugs are excellent for water as well as air testing. Furthermore, this particular type of pipe stopper can also be welded into bypass tubes. Oval inflatable plugs, can be used as test plugs on bypass tubes, which allow air and gas and other fluids to travel around during maintenance operations.

OFR – Anti-Pollution Stoppers

Are you an environmentally conscious person? There are inflatable plug stoppers such as the OFR- Anti-Pollution Stoppers that are especially designed with an environmental focus in mind.  The OFR – Anti-Pollution plug stoppers are especially useful in the case of accidental environmental hazards. The plug stoppers have an extremely fast response time due to their ability to inflate via remote.

The OFR-Anti pollution plug stoppers are designed to inflate and function as valves in the case of an accidental environmental hazard. By acting as valves, these inflatable plug stoppers are able to purge contamination into a retention pond, for example. In this way, the OFR-Anti pollution plug stoppers can function as a purge monitor and potentially save you a lot of money and clean up time by mitigating risk.   

Pronal is a world leader in the creation and design of high-quality inflatable pipe plugs as well as stoppers. Pronal manufactures top-notch items such diaphragms, OHP/OPV – high and medium pressure stoppers, THPGV inflatable stoppers, uniplug pipe stoppers, OTR pipe stoppers, Oval inflatable plugs and OFR- Anti-Pollution Stoppers, as well as a whole host of other highly useful inflatable plug stoppers. Pronal offers customizable products as well as flexible solutions, developed from high-end materials. Look no further than Pronal when it comes to high quality inflatable pipe plugs.

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