An inseparable partnership

PRONAL has been a key player in the sector of nuclear site maintenance for several decades. Because we have always anticipated the needs of our partners, we have been able to forge a solid reputation through the development of effective, tailor-made solutions. Pronal is active at every stage of the nuclear chain.

Our initial operations are earmarked for unsupervised zones, involving the washing-out of steam generators or the implementation of our preventive stoppers. Subsequently, we can propose stopper solutions for facilitating hydraulic testing in secondary (GSS, ABP, and ACO) and primary (ESPN, RGV, THPGV, ONC …) zones. We are also active in terms of the biological protection of workers during maintenance operations on pipelines. The prevention of FME risks is also an important activity for Pronal. We are always ready to consider other potential applications, such as buoyancy assistance in pools.

Above and beyond the provision of tailor-made solutions, Pronal can also provide high-quality services thanks to their qualified intervention teams that have been assembled to help implement your products.

Our acknowledged expertise in the nuclear sector has won us a number of rewards:

  • The 2014 DPN Innovation Trophy, awarded for the design of a stopper kit that was developed for limiting downtime during hydraulic testing on the GSS (Superheater Dryer Unit).
  • And the 2019 Challenge Innovation prize which was awarded for the improved buoyancy provided during nuclear fuel loading/unloading operations. This solution comprised a frame equipped with inflatable cushions for lifting and positioning fuel racks in the cooling pond.

Example of applications

Plugging for hydraulic testing in the primary and secondary zones
Plugging for chemical cleaning
Plugging for preventing Foreign Material Exclusion risks
Fixed or mobile storage for steam generator wash-out
Steam generator wash-out
Preventative plugging in storage zones
Pneumatically lifting racks in cooling ponds

Featured products

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