Pronal in every stage of life of your Power Transformer

Within the transformer industry, we provide flexible rubber solutions used at different steps of the power transformer life cycle.


We’re the historical manufacturer of flexible bladders that compensate oil volume variation in your conservator. They allow to protect oil contact with the air, and thus avoid its contamination. They can be manufactured on request, with specific shape, material or equipments.
For the Winding department, we provide coil specialists with specific inflatable lifting bags. They are used between the different layers of the winding to adjust spacers height or positioning.


Also, we provide your industry with flexible tanks to store dielectric oil during commissioning & maintenance operations on power transformer.
They allow to store oil directly on site, without truck or iron tanks to bring. They can be easily transported & handled without any specific tool.

Example of applications

Winding adjusting and maintenance
Oil dielectric storage
Oil protection and compensation in conservator
Detection of system failure in conservator
Regeneration of dielectric oil
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