Flexible systems for agricultural use

Modern agriculture is constantly changing and developing. It must be capable of permanently adapting to ensure compliance with the most recent standards, whether these refer to livestock buildings, the storage of hay, or the storage of effluents. This is why Pronal has developed a range of solutions that are designed to handle multiple agricultural applications.

The Pronal flexible tank is the perfect solution for ensuring that your farming enterprise is compliant with the standards in force. They can be used to store and transport either liquid fertilizers or agricultural and winery effluents. Flexible retention tanks have been designed to provide environmental protection in the unfortunate event of an accident. These flexible tanks can also be used to recover and store rainwater and fire prevention water.

We can offer a suitable solution from our wide range of volumes and accessories. Our flexible Pronal products have been officially recognized by the Departmental Fire and Rescue Service (SDIS).

Our lifting cushions also open a whole range of alternative applications, such as lifting or moving tractors, trucks, or other vehicles.

Example of applications

Rainwater storage tanks for irrigation
Agricultural or winery effluent storage tank
Liquid fertiliser storage tanks for fertilisation
Storage tanks for digestate following methanation
Lifting tractors by the use of lifting cushions
Aquaculture in open tanks
Water storage for drinking troughs


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