Civil and military aeronautics

Pronal has been a specialist player in the aeronautical and airport infrastructure markets for more than 50 years.

This is the reason that we are able to offer our aircraft lifting systems, composed of inflatable cushions, that are specifically designed for airports and airlines. These flexible systems are the perfect solution for lifting aircraft which have been accidentally immobilized. They can also be used for lifting operations that may be required for aircraft maintenance. These cushions are capable of lifting loads weighing up to 60 tons.

Pronal also produces on-board or additional elastomer tanks in conjunction with these systems. These materials have been certified in accordance with the MIL and TSO standards. They have been designed to resolve the specific difficulties of fuel re-provisioning.

We are also able to supply complete refueling systems. These fuel distribution systems are composed of motor-driven pump units (which provide pumping and filtration) that can also be connected to our flexible tanks. When deployed on the ground, these systems can be used to rapidly refuel aircraft and helicopters.

All of these solutions are temporary and can be easily installed and operated in an emergency situation.

Example of applications

Lifting aircraft for maintenance or recovery operations
Refueling by onboard tanks in accordance with the MIL and TSO standards
Providing additional tanks in accordance with the MIL and TSO standards
Water, antifreeze, or hydrocarbon storage in flexible tanks for re-provisioning