For rapid and efficient emergency interventions implemented in complete safety.

Working in close collaboration with fire-fighting services, Pronal has developed a range of flexible solutions that are specifically designed for emergency personnel. They have been designed for use by emergency services during natural disasters, road accidents, or fire.

Our pneumatic lifting cushions are just one of the solutions that have been specifically designed for applications that are required by emergency services. These are used to extricate individuals or animals who may be blocked by a heavyweight following an accident. These inflatable cushions can lift weights of up to 89 T, depending on the specific product range (CLT, CPF, CLC…).

Our extinguishing water storage tanks can either be buried or installed above ground and provide fire-fighters with a reliable water supply on all types of site (agricultural, industrial, shopping centre …). They remain accessible to emergency services and fully comply with SDIS standards.

In order to face the potential risks of flooding, we have developed a range of flood control barriers to protect sites, residents and sensitive areas.

Example of applications

Lifting vehicles or debris
Stabilising heavy loads following accidents
Bending or pulling open sheet metal during extrication operations
Extinguishing water storage for fire-fighters