Flexible systems for the prevention of environmental risks

In the interests of environmental protection, Pronal can propose innovative solutions which have been developed with the avowed goal of risk prevention. Emergency interventions can be performed rapidly, efficiently, and safely with the use of specially designed equipment.

We are able to propose a large range of storage products (flexible tanks), stoppers (inflatable plugs), retention and pollution control devices (flood control and pollution control barriers, permanent stoppers, floating tanks for oil recovery).

PRONAL also produces pneumatic inflatable cushions which are used as rapid intervention equipment in operations to protect excavations.

We supply lifting units and underwater parachutes that are used for transporting loads on the surface and during salvage operations (at -4000 meters).

Example of applications

Rainwater, effluent, and hydrocarbon storage in flexible tanks
Pneumatic stoppers for pipes, networks, sewers
Land and sea barriers (flood control/pollution control)
Pneumatic excavation protection
Transporting and lifting underwater loads

Featured products