Construction Industry

An all-inclusive offer for the construction industry

Pronal is a proud supplier of storage, lifting, plugging, and safety solutions to the construction industry.

Storage: we produce flexible tank solutions that are composed of different materials and which have a range of capacities. These tanks can generally by found storing water for on-site requirements, installed at base-camps as a fire-fighting measure in compliance with the DECI standards, providing fuel for vehicles,…

Lifting: we can propose inflatable cushions for your lifting operations; an alternative to standard lifting devices. These systems can be used to lift engines for maintenance operations, for centering of piping, etc …

Plugging: our range of pipe stoppers are used by public works and sanitation companies when they need to stop flows inside pipelines. They are an indispensable tool for repair operations in damaged pipelines, for remote image inspections of waste-water systems, etc,

Protection: we have developed an innovative pneumatic system designed to protect trenches: the Smartshore. The Smartshore’s lightweight, compact, and ergonomic design means that just two people are needed to secure a trench in less than 20 minutes. It is the perfect partner for teams involved in pipeline repairs.

Example of applications

Trench protection during interventions
Installatio of DECI fire protection tanks
Plugging pipes for maintenance or test operations
Lifting vehicles for maintenance operations
Fixing pipes/tubing
Storing and distributing fuel on-site

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