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PRONAL compensators are generally mounted inside hydraulic tanks to compensate for variations in the volume of oil in hydraulic systems, and are capable of operating without a power source. They form an alternative to hydraulic vent systems, breathers, filters …

Hydraulic compensators or separators effectively perform the role of a “lung” when the oil temperature increases. The oil volume can vary due to the effects of heating, and the air trapped in the bladder compensates for this variation. Conversely, when the oil cools and its volume drops, our compensator membrane expands.

They are also used in hydraulic circuits to compensate for the travel of the different components (jacks, pistons, …) which causes oil to be drawn into and/or discharged from its tank.  In this way, the system protects the hydraulic circuit by preventing contact with the atmosphere (dust, humidity, …).

Pronal bladders can also be used to prevent the effects of water hammer in pressurised systems. When they are mounted in inflated accumulator tanks they can absorb the pressures generated by shutting off a valve, occasional pressure increases, …

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