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Top-Notch Lifting Cushions

Have you been searching for an alternative to the use of hydraulic cylinders? If you have then you should make use of lifting cushions. Lifting cushions have proved to be an excellent alternative to hydraulic cylinders. They are particularly revered in the civil protection, industrial, safety, as well as defense sectors. Below we will outline and discuss numerous lifting cushions which you may find useful especially if you are part of one of the aforementioned industries.

CLT Lifting Cushions

A CLT lifting cushion is an excellent accessory especially if you are working with heavy loads. These lifting cushions, also referred to as inflatable jacks, facilitate the logistics of heavy loads in various directions such as horizontal as well as vertical. These accessories are simple to set up and install, and their lift capacity ranges from 1 to 65 tons. In addition, these lifting cushions are fitted with a remote-control system, which helps ensure the safety of its operator.

Furthermore, CLT lifting cushions are an excellent alternative to hydraulic jacks for various reasons. Compared to hydraulic jacks, CLT lifting cushions offer an expanded surface area, which offers augmented stability during lifts. 

CPF Platform Lifting Cushions

If you are looking for a truly unique lifting cushion, then look no further than the CPF- Platform lifting cushion. This particular accessory has a nicely designed flat surface to facilitate stability during lifts. In addition, this device can be readily stacked, which is great if you wish to perform a lift going all the way up to 510mm. This device utilizes air filled lifting bags to perform various lifting sequences. Furthermore, the CPF platform lifting cushion is also fitted with a remote operating system to help ensure the safety and wellbeing of its operators.

CLC Cylindrical Lifting Cushions 

CLC cylindrical lifting cushions are an excellent tool to have on hand. This device functions well as an emergency lifting cushion because it is very simple to maintain and install. When CLC cylindrical lifting cushions are placed under pressure, they transform and deflate into what can be considered a cylinder shape.

CLC cylindrical lifting cushions are great for heavy lifts such as cars, trucks, and farm equipment. In addition, the cylindrical lifting cushion is well suited as an aircraft lifting bag. The load range for this accessory is up to one meter for loads, and up to 12 tons for loads. In addition, the CLC cylindrical lifting cushion has an extensive surface area, which allows the load to spread out during a lift without ruining it.

Air Quarry Cushions

You must take advantage of air quarry cushions if you are working on a project that entails working with extremely hard objects such as granite or stone. The air quarry cushion is perfect for extracting a large piece of granite or stone. This inflatable lifting cushion can be readily set into narrows cuts that exist in stone and rock, for example. Once they are set, they begin to inflate, causing the object to separate into multiple pieces. Air quarry cushions can be readily stored and handled. They are well regarded because they utilize compressed air to create even splits.

Pneumatic Aircraft Recovery Cushions

Pneumatic aircraft recovery cushions are the standard when it comes to an air lifting bag. This lifting cushion is an excellent device in terms of an emergency lifting cushion, due to the fact that it is designed to facilitate the logistics of an immobilized aircraft. The pneumatic lifting cushion is a method that is recognized, and approved by aircraft manufactures, for the lifting of damaged or immobile aircraft.

Pneumatic aircraft recovery cushions are excellent because they are designed to work with various types of aircraft. Every part of this inflatable cushion lift is designed using a top-notch material by any standard. This product is extremely durable, as well as able to handle high pressure compressor conditions.

Pronal is a world leader in the creation and design of high-quality lifting cushions. Pronal manufactures top-notch items such as CLT lifting cushions, CPF platform lifting cushions, CLC cylindrical lifting cushions, air quarry cushions and pneumatic aircraft recovery cushions. Pronal offers customizable products as well as flexible solutions, developed from high-end materials. Look no further than Pronal when it comes to high quality lifting cushions.  

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