How to install an inflatable formwork ?

How to install an inflatable formwork ?

No more heavy  wooden or metal formwork: the JB QUALIFIX inflatable  formwork is here! We invite you to discover how to install it efficiently! Enjoy your reading!

Composition of the inflatable formwork

The JB Qualifix is made of polyurethane material and assembled by high frequency welding.

This alternative to the heavy manhole formwork is composed of

  • a low pressure inflation gun
  • a supply line
  • a bag specially designed for the maintenance of this product (optional)
détails coffrage de regard gonflable

Recommendations for use

Before starting the installation of this inflatable formwork, remember to equip yourself with personal protective equipment (PPE): helmet, glasses, safety shoes, clothing, gloves, etc.

We remind you that it is imperative to :

  • respect the pressure values indicated on the product
  • use only the supply and discharge devices prescribed by PRONAL for inflation and deflation
  • do not use the product for a concrete leveling higher than 35 cm

Then, before the installation, you must :

  • inspect the inside of the reduction slab and check that there is nothing that could damage the product, i.e. no sharp objects for example
  • check that the product has no defects or signs of deterioration

You can now start installing the JB QUALIFIX.

coffrage de regard gonflable
coffrage de regard gonflable

The installation of the inflatable formwork

The installation of this inflatable solution is very fast: it takes 3 minutes and is done in 2 steps

  • Outside the manhole

First, you need to connect the schrader valve to the inflation system using the supply line and the compressor.

Next, pre-inflate the inflatable manhole form to shape it.

While leaving the inflation system connected, position the pre-inflated JB QUALIFIX in the reduction slab using its handling handle. The orange strip, the reinforced part, must be in contact with the concrete to be formed.

  • Inside the manhole

Once the product is well positioned and at the right height, hold it with the handle and inflate it to a pressure of 0.2 bar.

The manhole chamber is now protected, the inflatable manhole form, like the classic one, prevents concrete, objects and operators from falling. The concrete pouring operation for the leveling and sealing of the manhole cover can now be carried out.

Dismantling the inflatable solution

Once the concrete has set, you can begin to deflate it by unscrewing the quick-drain plug provided for this purpose. Remember to hold it by the handle to prevent it from falling into the inspection chamber.

When it is well deflated, take it out entirely from the slab and that’s it.

Last but not least: maintenance.

Maintenance of the inflatable formwork

After each use, it is very important to clean the product to remove any concrete residue. If necessary, also clean the schrader valve.

Finally, check the product for any defects. In case of doubt or anomaly, it is advisable to consult the manufacturer before any further use.

That’s it! You now know how to install an inflatable formwork like a pro! Now it’s up to you!

We also suggest you to watch an installation of this inflatable formwork in this video:

You can also learn how to install inflatable trench shield or a plug!

If you want to learn more about the inventor of the JB Qualifix we suggest you to watch this interview:

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