Pneumatic cylinder webinar: 3 reasons to don’t miss it

Pneumatic cylinder webinar: 3 reasons to don’t miss it

To all of you who started to watch some webinars during the first lockdown period (due to the covid period) please don’t miss this one..! Yes, the time is coming for us to launch the 2021 web conferencing machine!

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Inflatable annular seals

A pneumatic cylinder webinar?

Like said our good old man Miguel Cervantès: ” Let time take Its course”.

Indeed our last webinar comes from last December. If you had the time and a chance to watch it I’m sure you remember it. Our aim was to show you all our business sectors and our different product ranges. For your information please note you will be able to find here on our catalog all Pronal products too.

But for now, we’re going to look at and discuss one of our most unknown products compared to their rigid alternatives available on the market already. On this new webinar, we will introduce you and talk about the inflatable/pneumatic cylinder.

In this flexible pneumatic cylinder webinar dedicated to industries, on the program:

  • what is a flexible/inflatable cylinder?
  • what are the advantages and particularities?
  • how we’re able to adapt these inflatables cylinders to your needs? (case studies)
  • And what are the differences between our pneumatic cylinders and the other solutions? 

This new web-conference is scheduled for March 11 at 11 am (GMT+1). The duration will be around 45min and we will use the Website platform to do it. For your information please note the registration link is already open that’s why please do not hesitate to register you right now.

You’re not sure to be free that day to watch it and you still looking for some reasons to be free during these 45 mins.!? Please see below 3 reasons to help you to find time to participate…

First reason: To do your market intelligence

It’s well known… All business companies have to think about innovation always! And It’s all the more true in the industry sectors. May this be in your products manufacture or on the process used… Innovation is the only way to keep you safe and to stay up to date.

Everybody knows that take care of market intelligence is a good way to stay aware of the new technologies. That’s why we’re really happy to propose you this new webinar and to do our best to keep you update or to inform you about some solutions we’re able to provide you. Through this webinar, you will discover another solution you could maybe use in your business sector, and of course, we will discuss some industrial solutions we provide to some customers of ours already.

In addition during the webinar, a partner of ours will try to explain to you the different steps we worked on together to provide him the right product. He is a researcher and teacher at the 3SR laboratory who uses our flexible solutions for his research. Of course, the application of our speaker will be not the same as yours but the aim will be to give you some views about what we’re able to do to help you.

Second reason: Save time

For this one, you’re going to tell us: “this reason is a bit far-fetched with your webinar which lasts 45 minutes …”. Ok, you’re right but 45 minutes in a lifetime what if at the end you can save time in your manufacturing processes?

That’s right and if this solution can be integrated into your machines and allows you to improve manufacturing time it will be positive… Isn’t it? This flexible solution can improve the maintenance time and help you to save time on this action…

No of course we will be not able to give you all keys at one time but for sure maybe it could be a great help to choose the right way to catch your goal.

Third reason: Help you to improve your working methods

We are going to come back to the sales monitoring and innovation effect. Too often we don’t go further than something we know or use already. Like for example, you’re maybe a user too of some traditional actuators like some rod cylinders pneumatic or hydraulic cylinders. But be honest you never had any constraints like: 

  • Add a new system to try to have the easiest work with great result
  • Many of maintenance to keep them safe and usable
  • Spend any time with difficult manipulations to integrate them on …

But in the end, all these constraints spent you some time and money. Maybe it would be great to take a break and to look at the best way you may find to improve them. What do you think? Are you ready for that?

The aim of our specialist (Mr. Christophe Vanderplaetsen) who will present you and manage this web-conference is to show you some other or different ways you may need to improve your manufacturing process.

Ready to register and to learn new things with us.!?

In conclusion, the only risk you may have to be with us that day for 45min is to hear maybe somethings you know already or to watch and discuss somethings different.

If you’re ready for that please keep in mind to be free on March 11 at 11 am (GMT+1) and don’t forget to register.

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