Nitrogen is a nutrient for the crops. We find it naturally in the soil but for the good development of the plant, a sufficient contribution is necessary. Therefore, farmers apply liquid nitrogen fertilizers for the rapid growth of their fields.

Before fertilizers spreading step; farmers have to store it… And for storage, there is the liquid fertilizer tank.

Storage of liquid nitrogen fertilizer

For the nitrogen fertilization of its crops, a farmer in Izel lès Hameau came to us. Until now, this farmer used a 40m3 steel tank to stock liquid nitrogen fertilizer. However, this storage capacity became too small compared to the quantity of liquid to be stored for its cultivation surface.

That’s why he was looking for a new solution:

  • more compatible with his new need in terms of storage capacity;
  • with a limited economical investment, as the laws can change regularly regarding this subject and especially regarding the storage conditions for this liquid;
  • ensuring a 100% safe solution for both product conservation and environmental protection.

So he has opted for the liquid fertilizer tank in a flexible tank.

The liquid fertilizer tank

Pronal provided to the farmer an 80m3 liquid nitrogen fertilizer tank. This tailor-made flexible tank was composed of:

  • 1 vent with degassing valve;
  • 1 PPG ball valve DN50;
  • and 1 symmetrical connection.

Together with every tank dedicated to fertilizers, a retention system is mandatory for the storage of this liquid. In case of a leakage or storage problem, this retention will be able to contain the whole tank capacity. This retention system is composed of a custom made Pronal liner.

The fertilizer flexible tank is simple and easy to deploy. Indeed our customer took care himself of the installation any help our service team.

liquid fertilizer tank in flexible tank
flexible tank

Conclusion and advantages for the storage system

To conclude, the liquid fertilizer tank provided a rapid response to the needs of this farmer thanks to:

  • a reduced cost in comparison with other rigid tanks;
  • a quick & easy installation;
  • and a tailor-made storage capacity and customized accessories.

All commitments have been honored!

By the way, if the legislation in force remains, our partner will use the liquid nitrogen fertilizer tank for years! However, if the legislation regarding the utilization of the storage of liquid fertilizers, he will be able to to reuse the flexible tank for utilization as it is already amortized…for example as fire protection water tank for its farm under development.

For more information on the agricultural flexible tank Pronal, we also recommend this 1200m3 effluent flexible tank project.

Would you like more information on this project?

Vous pouvez contacter nos experts qui sont adeptes de ce genre de projet pour avoir plus d’informations et être conseillé

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