We were asked by a plane manufacturer to examinate the possibility to increase flight duration with additional flexible tank.

The challenge

The challenge was:

  • flexible tank with 1200L capacity in addition to the one already there.
  • take into account the dimensions and tiny space in which we have to put our product.
  • the tank must fit with aviation rules, design and it needs to be as efficient as a normal  one.
  • the management quality system must suit with standard aviation rules
Reservoir aero

The Pronal Solution

Thanks to our knowledge in manufacturing aviation piece, we offer a flexible tank made with fabric coated TSOC80. This fabric is suitable with the aeronautical standards of electrical and conductivity and fire resistance.

Our engineering tea, in partnership with customer’s team have followed technical specifications, which were required such as : speed, break, life length. All of this in order to deliver a prototype at first and then many series of product.

Vulcanisation has been the key point on which we can rely on. Indeed thanks to this process and tailor made tools, we have successfully passed the customer’s qualification.

  • the dimensions are very important because we need to settle this tank into a very incommodious space
  • accessories installation inside the tank
  • as the tank is flexible, he is able to fit with the environment keeping his efficiency requested
  • you can rely on this product as his lentgh’s life is around 10 years or 7000 flight’s hour.
réservoir souple aéronautique Pronal
Réservoir aéronautique Pronal


This partnership with the plane manufacturer was a big success. We were seen as a company who is able to use her knowledge and engineering team in order to manufacture a tailor made product.

Today our customer is able to offer the possibility to any flight company to increase the flight duration thanks to Pronal’s product.

You’re interested in this product, king of project, feel free to contact us to get further information. We will be pleased to answer to your request.

+33 03 20 99 75 00 or contact@pronal.com

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