Aircraft runway overrun represents a real loss of time and loss of money for airports. This kind of situation makes them close temporarily to the landing area. The closure means a delay in other departures, even cancellation sometimes, as far as the aircraft hasn’t been recovered, this situation can last 3 days. One of the best solutions for the Airports Authorities is to be equipped with a complete Aircraft Recovery kit.

Project: equipped the teams with complete equipment for aircraft recovery

Let’s start by checking the need through an example. In 2016, a B777 aircraft from Turkish Airlines skidded off the runway in Nepal due to bad weather conditions. Since the airport is not equipped with any aircraft recovery kit, the airport has requested the Indian Air Force equipped with PRONAL aircraft recovery kit. With PRONAL aircraft recovery equipment, the airport rescue and fire fighting team (ARFF) was able to perform safe and successful recovery operations, with no secondary damages. Without the equipment, the runway would have been closed longer, waiting for the recovery system to be delivered on site. The Kathmandu airport has lost the revenue and time with the flight delay, cancellation, and also the transportation of the equipment on site.

That’s why an airport in Indonesia searched for avoiding the same problem. The Airport Authorities have equipped the ARFF (Airport Rescue & Fire Fighting) team with equipments for aircraft recovery. THey’ve asked PRONAL to design and manufacture their inflatable lifting cushions for aircraft recovery. 

coussins gonflables de levage d'avions

Pronal solution: aircraft lifting airbag systems

For this Indonesian airport, PRONAL managed to provide:

After the delivery of the full aircraft recovery kit, we have also trained the ARFF team for the installation/ deployment and operation of the equipments. PRONAL had also received a congratulation letter from the chief of ARFF.

Coussins gonflables de levage d'avions
Formation d'installation des équipements de récupération d'avions


Our Aircraft recovery cushions have been put inside the ARM (Aircraft Recovery Manual) from the aircraft Manufacturer. On the other hand, it is adapted to any aircraft over the world, whatever military or standard.

Proven many times, our system is the best option in terms of safety, durability, and resistance, for the aircraft recovery solution. It deals with the best and safest option, but also the quickest, the most sustainable and profitable for the aircraft recovery team. In addition, one of the main advantages is that our cushion is made with high resistance coating fabric and vulcanized, without glue. This allows our cushions to be stored at room temperature, without air-conditioned, which gave economic benefits to the airports.

For the same use, PRONAL can deliver complete equipment with our kit such as :

  • Protective Foam,
  • debogging kit,
  • tethering,
  • spreader bar,
  • dolly,
  • complete trailer for front and wing support……

To sum up

Thanks to this Aircraft Recovery equipment, the Indonesian airport will be able to recover the aircraft timely and safely and will not lose any more time in case of accidents. The ARFF team can quickly and easily deploy the Aircraft Recovery system and other equipment. This will allow the runway to be reopened and operational in 1 day.

Moreover, PRONAL has a competent team who is available for on-site technical support and training to the clients on the use of the equipment

Would you like more information on this project?

Vous pouvez contacter nos experts qui sont adeptes de ce genre de projet pour avoir plus d’informations et être conseillé

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