The train maintenance services often intervene on the attributed train sets. Those trains are maintained in garage sites or technicentres, located on the railway line, where various operations are made such as renovations, check/tests and replacement of equipments, and many more.

The project and its constraints 

Part of the train maintenance is carried out at height. Then, the maintenance teams must use plots to reach the top. However, those operations are risky: there is a gap, more or less large according to the dimensions, between the plot and the train walls. Also, accidents could occur such as :

  • Fall of materials and tools on the operator below,
  • Or even, fall of operators.

That’s why a maintenance service whished to temporarily fill this gap during the operations to avoid those accidents. To find the right solution, there are some requirements to meet:

  • Fill the empty space, in length and width, between the train and the plot thanks to an inflatable and custom-made solution,
  • Fit the shape of the train without damaging it,
  • Be out of the access template of the vehicles,
  • and be easy, quick, and safe to deploy!

Pronal was chosen by the train maintenance service for the confection and the provision of inflatable gap fillers.

Combles lacunes gonflables

The Pronal solution, the inflatable gap fillers

Pronal has provided :

  • gap fillers of 10m length and 300mm diameter,
  • an overflow valve (one on each side of the trunks),
  • a control box,
  • installation and maintenance made in Pronal.

The supplied inflatable gap fillers were designed in the shape of trunks. Those are detachable/interchangeable according to the length of the train to maintain. As for the control box, it controls the access of the plot. Besides, it turns on a security alarm in case of pressure drop on all inflatable trunks.

Combles lacunes gonflables
Combles lacunes gonflables pour maintenances de trains

Benefits and conclusion about the flexible solution

Thanks to these inflatable gap fillers, the access to the top of the train is safe and secured. The operators can from now on carry out their maintenance in all safety, up in the plot as well as on the ground. The installation of the system is fast and without any manipulation of the teams. Satisfied with the inflatable gap fillers, the operators use them on every single maintenance. Moreover, the concept will be used for another project dedicated to bus maintenance.

Would you like more information on this project?

Vous pouvez contacter nos experts qui sont adeptes de ce genre de projet pour avoir plus d’informations et être conseillé

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