Using this way our customer “Pluspetrol” saved more than 260.000€ that is to say approximately 20 flights. When customer knows all details about the transportable tank the company understands quickly that’s a cheaper solution than using an iron tank much heavier and less easy to manipulate than a flexible one.


When “Pluspetrol” knew about Pronal and what kinds of solutions Pronal proposed they came to us with their project.

Until now the iron tank was the only solution used by our customer to carry 2000t of calcium chloride from the starting point to the destination in the Amazon rainforest. The information received from our customer specified than the weight of the iron tank was close to 1300 kg when empty with a capacity of 3.8 m3.

Réservoir aérien Dynamic

Pronal solution

The customer needs was to be in a position to carry the liquid like before but using a storage item with less weight and more space. Pronal has brought them a solution and has manufactured a transportable flexible tank with only 200 kg when empty and a capacity of 7m3. We call it “Dynamic tank”.

Reservoir aérien Dynamic
cuve métallique


As of today the “Dynamic tank” designed by Pronal already flew 180 times and allowed “Pluspetrol” to save approximately 260.000 € (Don’t forget to watch our video).

From now the “Dynamic tank” is developed to enable to transport some other liquids like diesel or something else by plane or by truck with always the aim to save money with lighter tanks.

You’re interested in having more about our flexible solutions? Please have a look below or please feel free to contact us.

+33 3 20 99 75 00 /

Tonnes of ClCa
260 000
€ of economy
flights realised

Would you like more information on this project?

Vous pouvez contacter nos experts qui sont adeptes de ce genre de projet pour avoir plus d’informations et être conseillé

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