Many construction sites extend over several years. Access to drinking water every day for workers is therefore not negligible, especially on remote sites. That’s why some construction companies can set up a water purification plant on the life base. This will ensure high-quality water, supplied from an existing water source on site.

Access to drinking water on construction site

Work began on the Senegal-Mauritanian border at the beginning of 2020. This work is part of the project to create the first offshore LNG (natural gas) export terminal in this geographical area.

1000 Mauritanians and Senegalese from 180 companies of both nationalities are working on this site. They will remain there for more than 3 years until the completion of the platform.

These workers work:

  • on dry land, for the creation of concrete caissons for the breakwater,
  • or on ships, to carry out initial work at sea.

Wherever they are, everyone must have access to drinking water to continue working in the best conditions. This is why the construction company wanted to install a water purification plant on the site life base.

This drinking water station will have to be connected to the city’s water network, whose water can’t be consumed. It will also consist of a treated water storage system and a booster. This will allow the distribution of drinking water on the one hand to the ships, and on the other hand, to the workers on site.

The turnkey Pronal water purification plant

The construction company turned to Pronal for the supply of a fully equipped drinking water station. We have provided:

  • a mobile water purification unit – ultrafiltration composed of: 
    • a buffer tank;
    • various pumps;
    • a chlorinated water tank;
    • inlets and outlets for waste and treated water
    • circuit breakers
    • pressure gauges
    • and an automaton;
water purification plant
station de potabilisation de l'eau

The water treatment and ultrafiltration unit is connected to the city’s water network. Once chlorinated and filtered, the mobile station sends the treated water to the drinking water tank. It will stay there until the chlorine level is adjusted. In addition, the Pasteur Institute tests the treated water every week to validate its compliance.

Then, the booster connected to the flexible tank distributes drinking water either to the ships or to the life base. Thus, workers working on land or in the open sea receive consumable water throughout the worksite.

Mobile water purification unit

The mobile water treatment unit incorporates a succession of filtrations. Their core technology is 0.01-micron ultrafiltration. Thus, the water is disinfected and clarified with very little consumable and energy.

This solution can operate in automatic mode or in manual mode.

Before any use, it is necessary to:

  • ensure the priming of the pumps,
  • open the double-use valves;
  • fill the tanks with chlorinated water;
  • prime the metering pumps;
  • supply the station with electricity.

Very practical, all the adjustments can be adjusted manually to your needs. After many uses, maintenance of the filters and cleaning of the membranes will have to be carried out thereafter.

unité de traitement d'eau

Conclusion of this complete water treatment equipment

Quality water needs are essential on construction sites for effective actions. Work needs to start quickly and efficiently to meet deadlines while taking advantage of quality living conditions at their base.

This mobile water purification plant meets these needs perfectly.

The flexible bladder and piping are provided and stored in a compartment of the water treatment unit. Thus, this complete solution is perfectly suited to air transport with all the necessary elements. The mobile unit, on the other hand, allows a daily production of 30 cubic meters of drinking water.

This complete turnkey solution also enabled the construction company:

  • save time by making only one purchase from one company;
  • not to have any interface problem;
  • and have remote start-up assistance, even after covid-related shutdowns.

Thanks to this water treatment station, workers throughout the site have access to drinking water. Living conditions are now optimal to continue the work until the finalization of the platform.

Would you like more information on this project?

Vous pouvez contacter nos experts qui sont adeptes de ce genre de projet pour avoir plus d’informations et être conseillé

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