• Ensuring the safety of workers on a construction site is essential. This is why we have decided to develop a “Protection and Safety” range.

    All these products have been custom designed to reinforce the protection of the operators. They are air inflatable solutions which makes them very easy to use.

    We find in this range the trench shield, composed of two pneumatic cushions. They resist shocks and allow to secure the operators during work in trenches.

    Then, we imagined a product allowing to fill the gap between gangways and vehicles during maintenance at height. The gap filler inflates and hugs the walls perfectly, preventing objects and workers from falling. Thanks to this product, operators can work in complete safety.

    Finally, we find the inflatable manhole cover, the JB Qualifix, which prevents any fall of agents and objects in the manhole chamber during the whole sealing process.

    Our products are adaptable to each situation. Thanks to our design office, we can offer you customized solutions to ensure the safety of your employees!

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