Pronal Grout sealPronal Grout seal

Grout Seals

Grout Seals, or lip seals, are cylindrical jacks that are slipped inside platform legs. Unlike the Grout Packers, these jacks are not inflatable. They have two functions:

• solidifying the anchor pile inside each platform leg
• and improving the platform’s anchoring at sea.

Our teams can travel on-site to install your offshore buoyancy kits no matter where you are located!



  • Tightness testing can be implemented before installation
  • Penetration testing can also be performed
  • Simulation & calculation of the force required to puncture the diaphragm


  • Air and water tight
  • Selection of suitable materials


  • Locking fixation system
  • Suitable for applications at depth
  • Ease of installation

Detailed information

  • Material: synthetic rubber
  • Technique: hot vulcanization in a vacuum autoclave
  • Form: cylindrical
  • Dimensions: Mini 43″ (1092 mm) pour 36″ (914.4 mm) pile diameter/Max. 118″ (2997.20 mm) for108″ (2743.20 mm) pile diameter
  • Temperature resistance: 0 / +60C°
  • Max. thickness: in accordance with the client specifications
  • Grade of steel: in accordance with the client specifications

You can not find your dimensions

Our design department employs the best project leaders and designers and will be pleased to develop and create a tailor-made product specially for your unique project.


Composition / Advice

Storage advice
Store in its original case away from light, damp, and temperature variations.

Standards / regulations

Please contact us
In accordance with the conditions of the Pronal guarantee.


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