In industry after a fire accident a major pollution could start. The extinguishment water take away everything with it (chemical products / metal…) and will pour out in the ponds or watering places in the surrounding areas. That’s why the orifices flow have to be protected with an obstruction automatic system able to secure an area.

Needs and Constraints

A chemical products manufacturer from Belgium would like to improve his prevention system to safe the pipes obturation in case of fire. Right now the company uses another system called ” Guillotine” (sliding door) to do the retention of the contaminated water in case of fire. Unfortunately, this solution can’t offer the impermeability warranty at 100% if you don’t clean the sliding door fastening regularly. The manufacturer wanted to be careful at the eco-system that’s why he looked for another system like our inflatable product.

A few technical constraints were to be taken into account:

  • Pipe measurements 800mm and 200mm,
  • Secure the agents in charge (masks),
  • Supply items with hight resistance at the abrading,
  • Find a company able to propose and to install this type of product.
OPAP dans la canalisation

Pronal Solution

After needs analysis on site  PRONAL manufactury supply 2 inflatable stoppers “OPAP” to guarantee correct confinement of extinguishment water. Items supply: 1 OPAP 800 and 1 OPAP 200. Pronal fitter team went to install the OPAP system on the company site. They connected the OPAP system to his control box but also directly at the main fire-fighting system of the building. With these 2 ways no worries in case of fire. The OPAP system will inflate to close the pipe and guarantee the perfect confinement of extinguishment water. The last step will be to pump and to store all liquids. This operation can be made with a flexible tank use.

Prestation de service
Mise en place de l'OPAP


Through this emergency measure in agreement with the “SDIS” the company prevents possible pollution in case of fire. With this action, the company reduces the risk of the eco-system too. Every year a visit to control the good operation of the OPAP system will be necessary:

  • Stoppers control
  • Valves control
  • Bottle of nitrogen replacement.

Would you like more information on this project?

Vous pouvez contacter nos experts qui sont adeptes de ce genre de projet pour avoir plus d’informations et être conseillé

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