Discover the use of pneumatic bottle grippers through our project with the company Vigo Importing!

Needs of Vigo Importing 

Learn More about Vigo Importing


Vigo Importing is a 3rd generation Italian company which were created 75 years ago. They import olive oil from Greece. They also import Vinegar. Then, they bottle it and seel it in national retail chains such as Walmart, Publix, etc. Finally, they filter and press it. In addition, they sell peppers, olives, pesto sauce and all other kinds of product. 
This company is based on “amazing, strong family values and great workmanship”, according to Paul Robert (Warehouse Manager). They have an excelent quality control department that insures the premium quality of their products.   

Why the need of pneumatic bottle grippers? 

Vigo Importing has 2 departments which need pneumatic bottle grippers: olive oil and vinegar. 
 The olive oil line runs 3 different size bottles for the Italian de-palletizer and the Vinegar runs 2 different size bootle. Therefore, they use 5 to 6 grippers on each run to move the bottles into the unloading station. 

What did they use before? 

They had to change their grippers which were tooold, dry rotted and had multiples holes.” Therefore, the bottles were not properly gripped and broke on the floor.They were loosing money and time because of the clean up. That is why they needed an improvement  

Our solution: pneumatic bottle grippers

Our pneumatic bottle gripper 

Our pneumatic bottle grippers are manufactured in our workshops from NPVC coated fabric and assembled by hot vulcanization in an autoclave.

For all of our inflatable gripper ranges, a food-safe coating can be added on demand. Depending on your installation, the grippers will be adapted with reinforcing, a dual air supply, a threaded ring height, etc.

Why choose Pronal ?

  • Global presence

Did you know? We also have an office in the United States ! That is one of the reasons why Vigo Importing chose us : our global presence.   

  • Customer relationship 

Also, they felt that our business manager Tony Simuac was “very responsive”.

  •  Our quality 

Moreover, they felt that our products had really good quality. That is why they order in total 24 pneumatic bootle grippers.

préhenseur bouteille

Pronal quality 

Having feedback from our clients is very important to us. We asked Vigo Importing if they were satisfied with our products :

“I am very pleased with the quality, amazing actually, it is very well put together. The hose, the seams, all of them came in perfectly. I would recommend your company to anyone that has this same application, I would say, do not search any further go with the team at PRONAL”   

préhenseur bouteille
préhenseur bouteille

Would you like more information on this project?

Vous pouvez contacter nos experts qui sont adeptes de ce genre de projet pour avoir plus d’informations et être conseillé

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