Our flexible liquid fertilizer tank, resistant and easy to install!

Company needs 

The company specializes in the cultivation of cereals and legumes. This Eastern European-based company is experiencing significant growth in the agricultural sector, specializing in various areas of agriculture, ranging from the production of high-quality cereal and grass seeds to providing support in land cultivation, harvesting, and logistics. 

The company needed a storage solution for their chemical fertilizers. Previously, they used a container for liquid storage. However, they wanted to find a solution that was easier to transport and install. That’s exactly where our flexible solution comes in: the fertilizer tank. 

citerne souple engrais liquide
citerne souple engrais liquide
citerne souple engrais liquide

Our flexible fertilizer tank 

Thanks to our agent from Eastern Europe, we were able to meet their needs. We provided them with a 100m3 tank. Indeed, our flexible tank for liquid fertilizers offers an ideal solution for the long or medium-term storage of liquid chemical fertilizers. 

Furthermore, this enclosed tank helps control the strong odors that can emanate from the fertilizers. Additionally, it protects the stored fertilizers from weather conditions, preserving their actual volume and preventing dissolution by rain. This ensures that their purity and effectiveness are maintained as expected. 

In addition to being effective, the flexible tank for liquid fertilizers saves time. Its installation is quick and simple, and in some cases, no building permits are required, depending on its size. 

Like our other tanks, this one is manufactured using highly resistant PVC-coated fabrics and assembled through high-frequency welding. This material is capable of withstanding temperatures ranging from -30°C to +70°C, ensuring its durability and weather resistance ! 

A final word: We recommend for high quality, convenience and ease of installation, and as the manager told us – long service life

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