Discover how our solutions, grout packers, diaphragm closure and mud wiper, successfully contributed to the anchoring and buoyancy of an offshore platform installation project.

Tailor-Made Solutions at the Heart of a Strategic Partnership

In the face of ever-increasing demands of the offshore sector, one of our clients, a major national institution in Southeast Asia specializing in sea rescue and hydraulic engineering, was faced with a significant challenge: the installation of an offshore platform requiring unparalleled precision and reliability. With a constant pursuit of quality and efficiency, the need for innovative and personalized solutions became paramount to successfully carry out complex marine operations.

It was in this context that the paths of our client and Pronal crossed. By combining maritime expertise with Pronal’s ingenuity, the project was destined to become a technical success story. Pronal’s solutions such as the Grout Packer, Diaphragm Closure, and Mud Wiper were identified as key to meeting the specific technical requirements of this significant project. Pronal, with its responsive and creative design office, distinguished itself by the adaptability and quality of its solutions. Using advanced modeling and simulation technologies such as Catia, Abaqus, and Solidworks, Pronal did not merely supply equipment; the company added real value by developing custom solutions that integrated perfectly with the objectives and challenges of our client. This strategic collaboration is the perfect example of how Pronal commits alongside its partners to meet today’s challenges and exceed expectations by providing personalized responses that go beyond simple product supply to true collaborative engineering. Indeed, we have collaborated with our partner IQIP®.

The Keys to Successful Buoyancy and Anchoring of the Structure by Pronal Solutions 

Grout Packer : Ensuring Perfect Sealing 

Pronal’s Grout Packer is a key solution for precision grouting in offshore projects. Used to ensure sealing during the installation of underwater structures, it fills cavities or interstices between the jacket elements and the marine substrate. With 32 Grout Packers deployed, sealing was crucial to prevent any movement or pressure infiltration, thus ensuring the structure’s long-term stability.



Diaphragm closure: Innovative and Safe Sealing 

The Diaphragm Closure is another major innovation from Pronal. Designed to provide a flexible and robust sealing solution, this device was used to isolate sections of the offshore structure during critical phases of the project. With 64 Diaphragm Closures, we ensured a secure and watertight separation of components, thereby facilitating anchoring operations while protecting the integrity of each section.






Mud Wiper : Mud Wiper: Ensuring a Clean and Efficient Process

The Mud Wiper plays a crucial role in maintaining the cleanliness of underwater pipes and conduits, essential during the installation of an offshore platform. The 32 Mud Wipers supplied by Pronal were indispensable for removing residues and mud that could compromise the quality of the installation. Their use ensured that the jacket elements fit together without issues, thus eliminating delays and additional costs. Each solution is the result of meticulous engineering and custom manufacturing to meet the exact specifications of the project. They were selected for their ability to improve the quality and efficiency of the installation while reducing risks and maximizing the durability of the offshore structure.

Pronal Grout packer
diaphragm closure
Mud wiper seal

An Offshore Installation: Between Technique and Innovation

Pronal’s teams, driven by excellence, service, and innovation, were mobilized for several months in China and Vietnam, ensuring a flawless installation through rigorous procedures and weekly project monitoring. The pressurized water activation and nitrogen bottle inflation are testimonies to Pronal’s innovative technical approach, tailored to each specific project. Indeed, each Pronal solution is custom-made to fit the project specifications of each of our clients. A flexibility that reflects Pronal’s commitment to providing unique solutions for unique challenges  

installation platforme offshore

About Pronal

Testimonials of Success: Pronal’s Commitment in the Field

The glowing feedback from our partners only reinforces our reputation as a leader in providing customized engineering solutions. Their renewed trust in our solutions – Grout Packer, Diaphragm Closure, and Mud Wiper – for such critical applications as anchoring offshore platforms, validates our commitment to excellence.

Constant Innovation: Beyond Standard Solutions

Each project is a new opportunity to innovate. Pronal does not just sell and manufacture products; we create and install solutions. The success of the offshore platform installation attests to our ability to exceed expectations by offering custom solutions activated under water pressure and optimized for maximum performance.

Platform offshore team

The Impact of Pronal: Building the Future of Offshore Engineering

Mastering extreme conditions is essential in the offshore sector, where each component must provide faultless reliability. Pronal, with over 62 years of experience and specialized solutions, plays a crucial role in guaranteeing not only performance but also environmental safety. Our solutions, adapted to the most challenging contexts like Grout Packers, Diaphragm Closures, and Mud Wipers, demonstrate our capacity to innovate to meet the specific needs of the offshore industry.

 Invitation to Collaborate with Pronal

We are proud of our achievements and continue to seek new collaborations. We invite players in the offshore sector to explore the possibilities offered by our solutions and join the circle of our satisfied partners.

Our presence in major projects in China and Vietnam illustrates our ability to meet international demands and establish recognized standards of quality and performance worldwide. Pronal is not just a supplier; we are a strategic partner for the success of complex and innovative projects.

With Pronal, you opt for tailor-made support and expertise that makes the difference.

Pronal: A Trustworthy Partner Over Time with Sustainable and High-Performance Support

Pronal’s customer service, continuous training, technical support, and commitment to innovation are the pillars of a trusting relationship and shared success with our partners.

Indeed, after a rigorous tender and a thorough technical evaluation, our client testifies to the complete satisfaction with Pronal solutions, ensuring impeccable customer support and recommending Pronal without reservation.

Diaphragm inside
Diaphragm inside product
Grout packer installation

Conclusion about project


The jacket installation project featuring our solutions such as the Grout Packers, Diaphragm Closures, and Mud Wipers perfectly illustrates Pronal’s ability to provide custom solutions that meet the complex challenges of the offshore industry. These products, designed for specific use, demonstrate our commitment to quality, precision, and reliability, making Pronal a choice partner in offshore engineering worldwide.

Pronal also leverages its expertise to support the offshore industry’s evolution, responding with agility to the emerging needs of environmental protection and operational efficiency. This commitment extends beyond the successful completion of projects—it embodies our dedication to advancing the industry as a whole.

As we continue to forge new paths in offshore engineering, our story is one of continuous improvement and anticipation of the future. Pronal stands ready to face the challenges of tomorrow, empowering the industry with solutions that not only meet but exceed the stringent demands of offshore environments.

Our journey with the offshore platform jacket is just one example of our capability to innovate and collaborate for success. We look forward to partnering with new clients and contributing to their groundbreaking projects with our customized solutions. Indeed, Pronal can also provide its service and solutions for current electrical substations in the form of a jacket.

Pronal’s commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction remains unwavering. We are not just solving today’s challenges; we are preparing for those of the future, ensuring that our partners can depend on us for solutions that are both durable and forward-thinking.

In summary, Pronal is more than a manufacturer of industrial products; we are pioneers in the field, setting new standards and pushing the boundaries of what is possible in offshore engineering. Join us in this journey toward a more efficient, reliable, and sustainable future with wind power.


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