Some companies designing and manufacturing machines or products sometimes have multi-stage projects.  

These steps require more care and refinement than others, in the pressure or in the uniformity of the product. They take longer to complete and delay the manufacturing of the product. This is why Art Tech turned to us : for our expertise in inflatable jacks. 

The needs of Art Tech  

The company Art Tech, designer and manufacturer of special machines for the industry, came to Pronal to find an inflatable pressing system. Indeed, our customer had just received a project to manufacture ski helmets in different sizes: S, L and M. This pressing system was to press and glue the felt inside the helmet, one of the crucial manufacturing steps.  

Until today, the operation was manual, an operator passed a roller on all the inside faces. The operation was long and not ergonomic. In order for this inflatable pressing system to achieve its objectives, a few constraints had to be respected:  

  • Dimensions: Width 216 x W 300 mm x H 60 mm,   
  • Pressure: 0.3 bar,  
  • Thickness: 2 mm (except for the accessories 4 mm),  
  • Tailor-made for each helmet size,  
  • Uniformly distributed thrust, especially in parts with complex shapes, 
  • Reach all dimensional variations of ski helmets. 
Vérin souple pour collage de feutrine

Pronal Solution : our inflatable jacks 

Thanks to its engineering design office, Pronal was able to provide Art Tech with flexible inflatable jacks. Thin, they are easily integrated into the helmets. Inflated in one block, the thrust is evenly distributed and the felt is perfectly glued, even in the most irregular and complex corners. Moreover, this inflatable pressing system requires no maintenance.  

  • 3 inflatable jacks (S, M and L) included,  
  • Thickness: 2 mm (4 mm),  
  • Material: polyurethane sheet,   
  • Option: 4 screws M05 x 15 mm and 1 Schrader type inflation valve,  
  • Shape: oval with a profile adapted to the helmet.  


With the need to save time in many industries, Pronal teams have developed flexible inflatable jacks that provide mechanical functions such as pushing, pressing, directing, clamping, blocking, cushioning, lifting, moving… Easily integrated into mechanisms by their thin thickness, they are used in presses, molds, conveyors, handling robots, lifting tables… in any of your fields.

pressage de feutrine avec un vérin gonflable
casque de ski avec système dencollage
Since the shape had to be complex and custom made for the size of the helmets, their technical department was responsive to our request and the manufacturing followed the deadlines.
This solution guarantees us a uniform pressing effort and allows us to make up for dimensional variations in the products. It also allowed us to realize a very simple station of operation.
Monsieur CIRON
Conception et fabrication de machines spéciales pour l’industrie chez Art Tech

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