In a context where water management becomes an ecological and economic priority, flexible tanks emerge as an innovative solution for the storage of swimming pool water. This practice, beneficial for both the environment and municipalities with one or more pools, allows the reuse of water for watering or irrigation of gardens, flowerbeds, and other external water needs. 

Introduction: A commitment to sustainable water management 

Water is at the heart of current environmental challenges, especially in the face of recurring drought periods. Pronal has responded to this issue with a simple yet revolutionary solution : the flexible tank designed for the recovery of swimming pool water, thus transforming an annual maintenance act into an ecological opportunity. 

Why choose Pronal’s flexible tanks for swimming pool water storage? 

Adaptability and durability 

Made from robust materials, Pronal’s flexible tanks adapt to any environment and various water volumes, offering a flexible and durable storage solution. Their UV-resistant and temperature-tolerant design ensures a long lifespan and optimal water conservation. 

Easy installation and use 

Pronal’s flexible tanks are known for their simple and quick installation. Without the need for heavy construction or a building permit, they represent an immediately operational solution for swimming pool water storage. 

An ingenious solution: Pronal’s flexible tank 

Installation and functioning 

Located under the municipal outdoor pool of Fraisse, Pronal’s flexible tank was implemented to recover water during the annual drain or water treatment operations. This initiative prevents the waste of thousands of liters of water and represents a significant gesture for the environment. 

An eco-pesponsible cycle 

After a period necessary for the dissipation of chlorinated products, the stored water was reused for irrigating the city’s flowers and flowerbeds. This approach covered a month and a half of water consumption for urban irrigation, demonstrating the effectiveness and relevance of the Pronal solution. 

citerne souple stockage eau piscine

Environmental and economic impacts 

Water conservation 

The use of the flexible tank for swimming pool water recovery embodies a responsible approach to water resource management. It allows municipalities to reduce their ecological footprint while ensuring the beauty of their green spaces. 

Realized savings 

Beyond the ecological aspect, this solution also offers significant economic benefits for municipalities by reducing public irrigation costs and optimizing the use of funds allocated to green space management. 

Testimonials and recognition 

Positive feedback from municipalities that have adopted Pronal’s flexible tanks testifies to the success of the project. This initiative is hailed as a concrete example of sustainable water management, illustrating Pronal’s commitment to environmentally friendly solutions. 

Conclusion: Pronal, a key player in eco-responsibility 

Pronal stands out as a preferred partner for cities and pool professionals committed to sustainable development. The flexible tanks, with their simple installation and positive impact on water preservation, symbolize innovation at the service of ecology. Contributing to environmental protection while meeting the needs of communities is the challenge Pronal has successfully met. 

Pronal’s initiative, allowing the reuse of swimming pool water for the irrigation of green spaces, perfectly illustrates how innovative technologies can be employed for more sustainable resource management. 

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