Why choose flexible concrete wall formwork instead of rigid one?

Why choose flexible concrete wall formwork instead of rigid one?

Discover the numerous advantages of our solution : flexible wall formwork!

Introduction: What is flexible wall formwork ? 

Flexible concrete wall formwork, also known as side plug for concrete wall formwork, sandwich stop or concrete veil, is a lightweight and innovative alternative to traditional formwork made of wood or steel. Made of Nitrile, it offers numerous benefits for concrete formwork operations. It facilitates and secures the formwork of concrete veils. This innovative tool revolutionizes your formwork operations. 

This inflatable veil solution was inspired by the practicality of the inflatable formwork JB QUALIFIX® formwork. It is patented and was developed in partnership with Guillaume Pasquier. 

Discover the advantages of this flexible solution ! 

banche de coffrage
banche de coffrage

Advantages of Flexible Formwork Over Rigid

Lightweight and easy handling

The materials used in flexible formwork, such as PVC or Nitrile sheets, are lightweight. This facilitates their handling, transportation, and installation on the construction site. 

Quick Installation, Time Saving 

Due to its flexibility and ease of adaptation, flexible formwork allows for quick installation on the construction site. No need for a crane anymore! As a result, installation time is reduced to just 1 minute, with 5 minutes for dismantling. 

Indeed, the pneumatic concrete veil is easy and fast to set up. Simply insert the deflated boudin (cushion) in the desired location and inflate it with a compressor to perfectly fit the surface. This enables safe concreting without the risk of environmental contamination from debris or residues. 

Operator well-being

The use of lightweight materials not only reduces costs but also the risk of musculoskeletal disorders in operators, contributing to a safer work environment. Operators no longer have to carry heavy loads daily.

Environmental preservation

Beyond its functional advantages, flexible formwork is also a more ecological solution. Formwork can be used several times, reducing the amount of waste generated on site. Unlike rigid formwork, which is often discarded after a single use, flexible formwork helps minimize construction waste.

Additionally, as we pointed out, the installation of this sandwich stop doesn’t require cranes or heavy equipment. This reduces fuel consumption and the associated greenhouse gas emissions. Therefore, the site’s carbon footprint is reduced.

Lastly, the concrete veil can be precisely adjusted to the desired shape, minimizing concrete losses. This saves material and reduces costs associated with purchasing and disposing of waste.

Cost reduction
Using flexible formworks also represents a financial saving for companies. Indeed, the lightness of the flexible formwork makes it easier to handle, reducing the need for heavy equipment.
Moreover, its ability to be reused several times not only saves on purchasing new rigid formwork materials for each project but also reduces long-term costs.

concrete wall formwork


In an era where sustainability and efficiency are paramount, Pronal’s flexible formworks prove to be more than just an innovation: they are reshaping the future of construction. By seamlessly blending environmental respect with operational benefits, these formworks aren’t just a shift in construction techniques, but a genuine leap forward.

As we continue to look for ways to minimize our environmental impact while optimizing performance, choices like these not only make practical sense but also underscore our commitment to a more sustainable and efficient future. With flexible formworks, the construction industry is on track to turn challenges into opportunities, ensuring that we build not only for today but for future generations as well.

Are you convinced?

If you would like further information or technical details about our solutions, please don’t hesitate to contact us and contact us for a quote! 

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